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Drone Forensics: UAV Response Strategy and Forensics

This course has been built through first-hand law enforcement experience, supported by academic research. The workshop will involve a UAV investigation from start to finish, building your confidence and knowledge in this field of digital forensics. Small UAVs have increased in popularity significantly in recent years, but with this increase in availability, affordability and ease of use a nefarious underworld has formed. UAVs have provided the criminal element with a new tool to their arsenal and it is up to forensic examiners to see what data can be extracted. This course is designed to provide law enforcement agencies, their partners, forensic specialists, and first responders awareness and training sufficient to build or enhance their strategy to deal with UAV related incidents. This course will provide an introduction to UAVs before covering the types of criminal acts UAVs can be used in, first responder, seizure and examination guidelines, along with evidence presentation.

18 hours (18 CPE points)

Pre-recorded, self-paced

Investigate Cyber Fraud - Real-Life Cases 

This course is based on a real cyber fraud case, and will present all the techniques and procedures performed in the investigation, technically and within the judiciary process. You will see how a real cyber crime occurs and how to manage it with the correct tools and limitations that come up. You will follow one case throughout the workshop and see examples from many others. This course is about how a fraud is done and how an unaware and unsuspicious employee can get tricked, all based on an example that actually took place. You will get a glimpse into a case that really happened, harmed a company with a significant amount of money, damaged a relationship with the provider, and you get to investigate it.


18 hours (18 CPE points)

Pre-recorded, self-paced




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