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eForensics Magazine is a downloadable, monthly magazine focused on digital forensics and cybersecurity. We cover all aspects of electronic forensics, from theory to practice, from methodologies and standards to tools and real-life solutions. In addition to magazines, our offer includes online courses that will take your digital forensics skills to a new level. eForensics is devoted to the best digital forensics services providers who will show you the digital forensics world from their perspective. We collaborate with many individuals, but also with companies such as Magnet Forensics, Oxygen Forensics, NIST, McAfee, DFIR Training.

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We are always  looking for creative guest authors and writers to join our community. Our blog is open to anyone who wants to share their knowledge on cybersecurity or digital forensics. Tutorials, how-to guides, reviews, presentations of tools, forensic techniques, overviews, and case studies are always needed. When you have an article you want to share, or even just an idea for a publication, contact: [email protected]

To maximize the chances that your post will be published on our blog, you must make sure that you meet our requirements. Below, you will find all the necessary information related to submitting an article for eForensics blog:

  1. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. We only accept original articles; do not copy someone else’s work without their permission. Of course, you can repost your article (from your own blog/Linkedin, for example). We’ll add the link to the original post (all credits to you).
  2. The articles should be written in English. But... If you’re worried about your English not being good enough, stop worrying. What really matters is that you’re an expert in your field. We can help you with grammar, punctuation, and cover proofreading. There are many people who know English well, but there are not many people who can write about the things you can write about. Remember that!
  3. Posts on topics other than digital forensics and cybersecurity will be rejected. We’ll recommend sending posts on coffee rituals somewhere else - for sure readers of a magazine devoted to coffee would love it!
  4. Guest posting is free of charge, and you can place only two links in the article. Secondly, the links can’t lead to product pages, other training courses pages or websites unrelated to the topic at hand. We will check each link to make sure that this requirement is met.
  5. When it comes to the length of the article we recommend content between 800 and 1,200 words, but if your article is longer - don’t worry, it’s not a problem.
  6. It’s not necessary, but you can add visual examples and images if you want. It can definitely enrich your article and help visualising your point of view.
  7. Also, if you want our readers to get you know better, you can include “About the Author” section with your short bio, links to your website and social media accounts (if you have them) and a photo.

If you have more questions or want to submit your idea contact us at: [email protected] or complete the below form:

Post on the blog

    Submit an article

    Have you got an idea for an article related to electronic forensics or cybersecurity but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe your article is ready but you don’t know where to publish it? If you want to publish it in our magazine, just complete the short form below and our editor, Ewa, who is responsible for our magazine content, will get back to you as soon as possible!

    Submit an article

      Article guidelines are presented below:


      1. Article submission process:
      • The first step is to agree on the topic with our editor, Ewa - you can choose a subject you specialise in and you’d like to write about or Ewa can help you by suggesting a suitable topic. In either case, contact: [email protected]
      • Then we’ll discuss the timeframe (generally, we give our authors two weeks to complete the first draft of the article but there is a possibility to extend it)
      • Article gets written and sent to the editor
      • Article is reviewed by our beta testers
      • If necessary, revisions are made by the author
      • Article is proofread, grammar and spelling are checked
      • Article is ready to be published!
      1. Formatting:
      • Preferred file formats: .doc, .docx, .odt, etc. (editable text formats) - no PDFs!
      • No restrictions on fonts or margins, all will be normalized in DTP
      • Images in text should be labeled
      1. Article length: In general, there are no restrictions, but if the article is less than 1,500 words, it might be recommended for the blog.
      2. Article structure:
      • Structure examples: tutorial, how-to, essay, case study, research presentation, etc.
      • The article should contain introduction and conclusion, references and “About the Author section”

      If you have questions, concerns or you want to chat about your publication, send a message at: [email protected]

      Become a reviewer

      Most magazines prepare the articles using only the knowledge and experience of an editorial team. eForensics Magazine does much more. Our active readers take part in the editorial process as our reviewers. You can become one if you have some experience in the digital forensics field. Some information:

      • It’s up to you, how active you are – you have no obligations whatsoever. You can take part when you have the time and the will to do so. You can simply ignore help requests at the time when you’re too busy with your own stuff.
      • The system of discounts that we have: 1 reviewed article equals 1% discount on all our products and subscriptions. If you are an active reviewer, you can even gain something for free!
      • You’ll receive articles earlier than anyone else and you can take part in adjusting them to meet your requirements
      • If you want to, your name can be published as a part of eForensics team.
      • There is only one very important rule - if you take an article for review, you must give us feedback or inform us before deadline that you can’t review it.

      If you want to join our reviewing group, contact: [email protected]. All you have to do is send us an email to the following address with ‘reviewer group’ as the email’s subject.

      Become an instructor

      Is there something you feel passionate and confident enough about that you would like to share your knowledge and skills with others? If that rings a bell, you should contact us about becoming an instructor.

      Some information you may need:

      • We try to make our courses as practical as we can, and our goal is to teach skills instead of just knowledge.
      • Before we sign a contract, we will help you design the workshop.
      • We will need a video introduction and a good-quality picture of you for the promotion of the course.
      • During the course you will be expected to communicate and interact with the students. They’re cool though :)

      Sounds exciting? Contact our eLearning Manager here: [email protected]  or go on the “Become our instructor” page for more details and submit an application there:

      Advertise with us

      If you have a strong belief that your products or services might interest eForensics readers, you can advertise with us. We offer various options of advertising in our magazine and they are mentioned below. They can be adjusted to your needs by creating a customised plan. We have regular prices of advertisements, but with larger orders we discuss them individually. Sponsored posts/articles/interviews are labeled as "sponsored content”. If you are interested in an advertisement or media partnership, please use the subject MEDIA PARTNERSHIP/ADVERTISEMENT and send an email to [email protected]

      We can offer you:


      banner on our main site

      article on our blog

      interview on our blog

      social media activity


      email blast to our reader base  

      banner/note in our newsletter


      article in our magazine

      article on our blog


      advertisement in our magazine: half-page, full page, double-page



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