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eForensics Magazine is a downloadable magazine focused on digital forensics. It features articles by digital forensics specialists and enthusiasts, experts in Mobile, Computer, Network and Database Forensics. We cover all aspects of electronic forensics, from theory to practice, from methodologies and standards to tools and real-life solutions. Each magazine features a cover focus, and articles from our regular contributors, covering news and up-to-date topics.

It is devoted to the best digital forensics services providers, who will show you the digital forensics world from their perspective. It’s an excellent opportunity to observe trends on the market for the readers, and for companies – to share their invaluable knowledge.



Subscribers to eForensics Magazine, get unlimited access to all our online workshops. Workshops are designed for all levels, beginners and experts alike.
They give valuable practicle knowledge on all topics  connected with digital forensics and more. Generally, all what is useful and can be applied to eforensics will be covered.

eForensics Magazine  features 48 issues in a year – 4 issues in a month, each containing about 100 pages of content. A different title is published every week:

  • eForensics Computer

  • eForensics Database

  • eForensics Mobile

  • eForensics Network

For any questions or inquiries, please mail us at: [email protected]

eForensics Magazine is a community-oriented magazine. We want digital forensics specialists and enthusiasts to work together and create a magazine of the best quality, attractive to every individual and enterprise interested in the electronic forensics field.

If you are interested in being a part of our community, submit an article or bring up a subject you consider important and up-to-date. Are there any trends on the market you’d like to take a closer look at? Are there any tools or solutions worth reviewing or presenting to the community? Are there any touchy and controversial issues you feel have to be discussed in public? Then share your opinions with us.

The articles published on our web can be republished in another source 2 weeks after publishing them in eForensics and must include the footnote, ‘previously published in eForensics Magazine’ + linked logo to our website.

If you think you don’t have enough time to create an article from scratch, but feel interested in the magazine – become one of our beta testers. This way, you will get the opportunity to look at a new issue’s contents before it’s even published. Furthermore, your name will appear in the magazine. If you feel the need to contribute and share your knowledge, but don’t have enough spare time for creative writing – beta testing is just for you.

Please submit your ideas at [email protected]


Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the high quality of the magazine, the editors make no warranty, express or implied, concerning the results of content usage.

All trade marks presented in the magazine were used only for informative purposes. All rights to trade marks presented in the magazine are reserved by the companies which own them.

If you are interested in cooperating with us, please email: [email protected]


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