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March 17, 2023Official

Unusual Emails: Investigating

For this article, we will be performing an OSINT investigation on an email that was sent to see what information we can find by verifying parts of the email’s content. This is a scenario based on real email investigations. As with any...

March 17, 2023Official

The Challenges of Collecting Evidence

Mobile devices such as smartphones have operating systems such as Android and iOS that allow for the installation of third-party applications that operate with restrictions of the operating system such as application isolation and...

March 16, 2023Official

Digital Forensics Analysis in DeepFake

In this series, we will examine the technical aspects of deepfake technology and its impact on digital forensics. We will also explore the various techniques and tools used in digital forensics to detect and analyze deepfake content....

March 14, 2023Official

iPhone Forensics

Since the 90s, Apple has used a Hierarchical File System and other advancements in data handling in order to protect user data, not to mention the ability to use passkeys in a recent iOS update. Combined, all of this makes forensic...

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