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Mail Forensics

In this issue you can read about techniques and tools for e-mail forensics, phishing for data and e-mail header forensics. Our newest issue is dedicated not only to e-mails, but also to traditional mail forensics. Inside you can find an article by the instructor of our OSINT for Forensics Online Course, Josh Richards, which touches on aspects of post and package tracking codes, and shows a lot of examples of how people expose them through social media. You will see how easy it is to find such information and you’ll understand the consequences of such activities better.  This edition also contains two articles on malware analysis - “Building A Home Malware Analysis Lab” and “Malware Memory Forensics – using Volatility Framework”, and a write-up on “Electronic Evidence Search and Seizure Procedures”. Of course… that’s not all -  have a look at the Table of Contents to learn more! Find out more >>


OSINT in Forensics

Open source intelligence has a lot to do with digital forensics, and we’re going to show you how true that is in this edition. Inside you can find articles on How to find missing persons using OSINT, Leveraging Open Source Intelligence for Digital Forensics and Incident Response, and Adopting a Hacker Mindset and Enhancing a Penetration Test through OSINT. Also, you’ll read about Honeypotting Threats for Security Research and Defense Improvement, learn something about Geolocation Forensics, and come into possession of Autopsy 4.x guide. That’s not everything, of course, but you should see for yourselves! Find out more >>




Drone Forensics

In this issue - devoted exclusively to the topic of unmanned aerial vehicles - you will find articles on extracting data from UAV, hacking a wifi printer with a drone, vulnerabilities and attacks on UAVs, a UAV forensic case study, the article entitled “Why is everyone looking up”, Forensic Evaluation of Drone Technology and more! We have also an article on robot and cyborg forensics, an automated digital forensics future, artificial intelligence and security issues raised in an e-commerce platform. We invite you on a flight… drone flight! Find out more >>


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