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This bundle includes:

NTFS Forensics

Regardless of the amount of theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge and hands-on training sets you apart from your peers. If you wish to learn the internals of the NT file system and how to perform forensic procedures on it, then this is your go-to course.

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EXT4 Forensics

File System Forensics forms the root of any digital investigation process. Developing your skills in this area is sure to boost your confidence and propel you to navigate any investigation with ease. This course will make the esoteric nature of this topic coherent to a novice.

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This premium edition opens up with the overview of VDFS, then we go with an article “File Renaming Behaviour on The Fourth Extended File System (EXT4)”, prepared by Divya Lakshmanan, who instructed two eForensics online courses devoted to File Systems - EXT4 Forensics and NTFS Forensics. While we’re on the NTFS subject, you can find an article on it inside the issue as well!

What’s more? Linux Malware Analysis, an article on smartphone forensics, a write-up on E-mail Header Traceability, and a great publication prepared by our another instructor, Josh Richards (in cooperation with his friend, who wants to remain anonymous), on privacy issues associated with creating your CV online.

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