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The courses below were all published in 2015 or earlier. While we stand by pubishing them then, we've grown so much since. We recognize that these workshops don't exactly meet our standards, as we understand them today. 

All classes are available within our premium membership, and have adjusted CPE awards to reflect their respective contents. If you join, please keep in mind that some of the information inside might be outdated or not relevant. We'll be adding notes at the beginning of each course to let you know what's worth checking out in each! 

The access to this course is restricted to eForensics Premium or IT Pack Premium Subscription

This course is NOT an official CFIP training or a part of the CFIP certification process. For information about obtaining the CFIP certification please visit

18 CPE credits


These days violent robbers are reducing by the day whereas white collar crime is rising at almost the same rate. Why? The robbers are finding that it is easier to use brain to trick people and get away with a lot of money in a smart way that does not necessarily endanger their lives immediately like when violent and armed robbers are caught red-handed. As a result of this there is increased need for those who can effectively trace and have this type of robbers arrested and effectively prosecuted.

In a nutshell, forensic investigators are in high demand globally by government agencies and also private corporations due to this reason.

This CFIP Masterclass constitutes almost 30% of what you require to complete a course that will lead to the award of Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (CFIP) by the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professional Inc (CFIP Inc) Those have two years experience in auditing, law enforcement and security may be admitted straightaway after this online course, passing an admission test and paying the required fees.

You will learn the following:

  • The 9 steps in forensic investigation.
  • Procedures to carry out in each and every step
  • How to conclude a forensic investigation
  • How to write an effective forensic investigation report
  • Tips on expert witnessing
  • Forensic investigation qualifications

Course format:

  • The course is self-paced – you can visit the training whenever you want and your content will be there.
  • Once you’re in, you keep access forever, even when you finish the course.
  • There are no deadlines, except for the ones you set for yourself.
  • You time will be filled with reading, videos, and tests.



  • Tutorial 1: Preliminary review
  • Tutorial 2: Engagement Contract
  • Tutorial 3: Planning and resource allocation
  • Planning and Resource Allocation
  • Exercise 1: 10 multiple choice questions
  • Exercise 2: 3 Essay questions


  • Tutorial 1: Preparation of suspects/witnesses rough list
  • Tutorial 2: Documents Examination- An Introduction
  • Tutorial 3: Documents examination- an Introduction
  • Exercise 1: 10 multiple choice questions
  • Exercise 2: Essay Questions


  • Tutorial 1: Documents Examination - Keeping the Chain of Custody
  • Tutorial 2: External Confirmations
  • Tutorial 3: Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Exercise 1: 10 multiple choice questions
  • Exercise 2: 10 Essay questions


  • Tutorial 1: Interviewing Room Rules
  • Tutorial 2: Interviewing of Witnesses 1
  • Tutorial 3: Interviewing of Witnesses 2
  • Exercise 1: 10 multiple choice questions
  • Exercise 2: Essay Questions


  • Tutorial 1: Interviewing suspects
  • Tutotial 2: What if a suspect refuses to talk?
  • Tutorial 3: Interrogation process
  • Exercise 1: 10 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Exercise 2: Essay Questions


  • Tutorial 1: Forensic Report Writing Standards
  • Tutorial 2: Editing the report
  • Tutorial 3: Expert Witnessing Rules and Practice
  • Exercise 1: 10 multiple choice questions
  • Exercise 2: 2 Essay Questions


This course offers skill sets in effective forensic investigation, effective forensic report writing and expert witnessing. Specifically for people in the following industries will benefit greatly:

  • Corporate Security.and investigations
  • Accountants and auditors
  • Law enforcement
  • Insurance and Banking
  • Anti-corruption Agencies
  • Anti-money laundering agencies
  • Private investigations


If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].


  1. Vanessa Fuertes (verified owner)

    Very informative and learnt a great deal. Thank you.

  2. Stanly Machote

    Thank you for this course. I have benefited a lot in the content. it is applicable in the day-to-day forensic work and provides important guidelines to one’s competency and practice. Well done!

  3. Christopher McAndrew

    I truly enjoyed this course from which I found valuable knowledge and best practices rules although I’ve worked with private intelligence companies since two years as a computer forensic examiner. I like both the multiple tricky choice questions and the essay questions.

  4. Steve Carney

    I liked the way the course covered the step by step processes.

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