MacOS Forensics & Anti-Forensics Pack


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MacOS Forensics & Anti-Forensics Pack

This pack contains:

1. MacOS Anti-Forensics COURSE that will teach you:

  • MacOS anti-forensics and a brief history of anti-forensics and the MacOS will be explained
  • The subcategories of anti-forensics will be explained as a starting point for discussing MacOS anti-forensics
  • The tooling used in MacOS anti-forensics, categorized by anti-forensics subcategory
  • The differences of anti-forensics for the MacOS in comparison to other operating systems and hardware.
  • and more!

2. MacOS Forensics ISSUE

In this issue you will find an article by Howard Oakley entitled “MacOS unified log as a help and hindrance to forensic examination”, that is the first full description of the unified log published anywhere. Also, Brock Bell has prepared a paper for you about his tool, that he developed to automate the collection of key files for MacOS investigations. Another surprise is Cecilia Pohlar’s article about the importance of knowledge in Mac Forensics. But of course that’s not all! Check it out yourself.


Thanks to this PACK you are able to purchase the magazine and the course at a lower price than a regular price of these products in stand-alone orders. Enjoy your reading! 





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