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Open Source Intelligence for Forensics

Open source intelligence is an important subject in today’s world. Whether you need to investigate a person, a business, or find any other facts, you need to know basic and more advanced ways of finding this information in the most effective and efficient ways possible. Reasons for searching could be anything, you may be researching your family tree, searching for friends for fun, or it could be something more serious, like doing it as a profession. The techniques being used are constantly changing, so it is crucial you understand the most up-to-date methods right now so that you can keep up with the changes as they happen. This course will teach you these up-to-date methods and will help you keep your skills sharp as time goes on.


18 hours (18 CPE points)

Pre-recorded, self-paced

MacOS Anti-Forensics

This course will give students an introduction into the exciting world of MacOS anti-forensics and its tools. For a computer forensics professional, MacOS anti-forensics is important to know, because criminals will use anti-forensics to hide or alter forensic evidence on a Windows computer, but also on a MacOS. Unfortunately, MacOS anti-forensics is not well documented. Besides that, it is interesting because you, as a computer forensics professional, will learn techniques used by criminals to make your work complex. This will broaden your knowledge about how a criminal thinks and operates, which will help you in your forensic investigation.



18 hours (18 CPE points)

Pre-recorded, self-paced

NTFS Forensics

Every degree course on Digital Forensics begins with a study on File System Forensics - which has a guaranteed module on the New Technology File System used by Windows Operating Systems. At present, the competitive job market looks for professionals who can ‘Do one thing well’. Regardless of the amount of theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge and hands-on training sets you apart from your peers. If you wish to learn the internals of the NT file system and how to perform forensic procedures on it, then this is your go-to course. If you enjoy solving puzzles, this course would be your knowledge-fete!



18 hours (18 CPE points)

Pre-recorded, self-paced



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