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Mobile Forensics

The edition opens up with the article “Mobile Forensics - Digital Investigations in Mobile Telephony Devices” and then we go with the “Are you ready to hand your mobile in for questioning?” piece that brings huge awareness about what a mobile thief can find in our cellphone in the first place. This issue also contains a write-up about Mobile Forensics Outside Labs. As mentioned, inside you will also find articles on Security of Things and papers covering cloud computing and cloud forensics. In addition, you will read about digital privacy in hotel rooms (pretty hot topic nowadays), UAVs Forensics (same!), and Forensic Triage, the process that revolves around the collection, assembling, analysis and prioritizing of digital evidence from an investigation. Find out more >>


Forensic Imaging

The issue opens up with a very complex publication on Forensic Imaging Tools for Storage Media Examinations. It is a very in-depth analysis, which examines tools and techniques in each stage of the forensic process, but everyone even remotely associated with forensics would benefit from reading this article, including beginners. Further, we have a detailed introduction to Hardware Forensics. And then, we’re coming back to forensic imaging tools with an article by Matthew Kafami, which focuses on understanding the core concept of such tools. This issue also includes a write-up “Volatility and large memory files”, and as the author wrote in the introduction - the purpose of this article is to discuss the modern forensic analysis that investigates captured memory images: how to deal with 64-bit images and robust memory, focusing on open source Volatility framework. Inside you will also find an article “Crime Scene Investigation of GPS Data in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)”. We know you like your drones, guys! And we have a little surprise! “From Mars to Earth: How Virtual Reality and 360° Imaging Can Transform Crime Scene Investigations” - so forensic imaging, but not exactly the kind that first comes to your mind. That’s not all! This issue also cover Data Breaches Analysis, OSINT with e-mails, DNS Security and Minimising the digital backlog through children’s education. Find out more >>


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