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Cyber threat hunting is a proactive security search through networks, endpoints, and datasets to hunt malicious, suspicious, or risky activities that have evaded detection by existing tools. After sneaking in, an attacker can stealthily remain in a network for months as they quietly collect data, look for confidential material, or obtain login credentials. How to detect the intruder? What threat hunting technique is most effective against the breach? What are the best tools to use? The answer to these questions can be found in our special edition - Cyber Threat Hunting Bundle! Inside you will find the most comprehensive source of information about threat hunting!

This magazine pack includes: 

Threat Hunting: What, Why, and How

This is a compendium of knowledge about hunting for cyber threats. Our great authors once again drew our attention to the most current threats and presented tools to counter them, not always doing so in a conventional, academic way. Therefore, in the ebook, you will take a look into the eyes of a cute but sly cat, go on a space journey, visit a marriage counseling room, and plunge into the depths of the dark web. So who is ready for an adventure? Find out more >>



Cyber Threat Hunting

In “Cyber Threat Hunting” ebook you can read about threat hunting malicious command & control, end-point threat hunting and windows event log threat hunting.  In addition to that we want to offer you a forensic analysis of screen time on macOS and iOS, a comparison between Internal Hi-Tech Crime Units and Private Forensic Laboratories, an interview with Alexandre Borges about his tool - malwoverview, an article “Reverse engineering as a Digital Forensic skillset”, and that’s still not all! Find out more >>


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