Mobile Forensics Course Pack


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This course pack includes: 

Android Mobile Forensics (W46)

Do you ever speculate whether your mobile phone knows more about you than your best friend? Endlessly (or rather mindlessly), we take every chance we get to peep into our screens – at work, on the subway, while standing in line or even while cooking a meal! We routinely input so much data into our phone, that a mobile phone behaviorist (likened to a human behaviorist aka psychologist), aka a proficient mobile forensics investigator, can build a healthy dossier just by waving the magic forensic wand over a mobile phone of interest.

This course is meticulously curated to teach you the continually relevant aspects of Android Mobile Forensics. In the process of doing so, you will also gain proficiency about how to replenish your forensics skills, to keep in tune with the perpetually changing Android world.

All the modules include hands-on assignments to test your newly-gained skills.


18 hours (18 CPE points)

Pre-recorded, self-paced

iOS Social Media Forensics (W50)

A course teaching the forensic analysis of social media applications in iOS using open source tools and methods (meaning no commercial tools are required to complete this course). 

The focus of the course is on the analysis of an iPhone backup with the goal of extracting forensic artefacts related to social media applications (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram). It will also include Python scripting to process and manipulate plist files, as well as using SQL queries to extract interesting data in a correct context from the applications’ databases.

This course will teach you how to obtain a backup of an iPhone, how to find interesting locations within that backup, and how to automate these processes using Python & SQL.




18 hours (18 CPE points)

Pre-recorded, self-paced


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