Searching the Darkweb

July 1, 2024

Jeff Minakata

Obraz zawierający Gra komputerowa, Proces cyfrowego montażu obrazów, zrzut ekranu, Oprogramowanie gier wideo

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In this article, we explore the Darkweb, what the Darkweb is and precautions we can take to stay safe, how to access it, and how to find URLs that might be of interest regarding data discovery. 

We will explore different discovery tools and discuss why we should be using these tools and how to ensure they are working properly in creating a sock puppet (a false identity) to help keep our real identity “safe” while browsing the Darkweb.

The Darkweb is functional and divided within the internet domain into 3 sections:

  1. Surface web (also known as Clearnet) which is the open internet that can be accessed with any web browser, is the publicly available portion of the internet.
  2. Deep web are websites that are not indexed by typical search engines and can be protected by databases, paywalls, private servers, etc. 
  3. Finally, we have the Darkweb, which is the portion of the internet that is also not indexed by standard browsers. The Darkweb requires the use of the Tor network (more on this later) and has a .onion designation for the URL. While the Darkweb is mostly known for illicit activities such as drugs, hacking, child pornography, and such, not all sites are illegal (The BBC has a news site on the Darkweb and Facebook also exists on the Darkweb). 

A primary hidden browser you....


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