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ON-DEMAND, SELF-PACED, 18 CPE CREDITS, Learn the theory, gain the skills and become an expert in wireless security attacks.

What will you learn about:

Wireless Protocol Basics; Hardware and Channel Basics; Security Protocols (OPN, WEP, WPA, WPA2); WEP Attacks; WPA/WPA2 attacks; Non-broadcasting SSID attacks; Brute Force Attacks on WEP; Brute Force Attacks on WPA/WPA2; Automated Attack Tools

What will you practice:

Each week during the course you will face challenges that will test your knowledge and teach you skills needed to become an expert on wireless security attacks.

The tasks we have planned for you include:

    • PCAP challenge for finding cloaked SSID;

    • Active decloak attack using BTK3;

    • WEP IV attack;

    • WPA cracking using dictionary and brute force techniques (John or oclHashcat);

    • WPA2 cracking;

Your instructor:

IMG_0003Shad Malloy is a Network Security Analyst with a wide range of experience including virtualization, firewalls, SCADA, and enterprise security. Shad has over 16 years of experience as an information technology professional, with 6 years of penetration testing experience. He has worked with commercial and government clients including creation of the penetration testing program for Indian Health Services.

As a Network Security Analyst, Shad evaluates the internal and external security postures of enterprise networks. He surveys the client’s network infrastructure, finding and reporting on exposed or at-risk configurations. After demonstrating how vulnerabilities in the client’s network can be exploited to grant access and/or reveal sensitive data, he educates clients on the best ways to safeguard their environments.

Shad’s research focuses on the development of a Shellshock User-agent scanner and wireless attacks. He received his Bachelors of Computer Information Systems (B.S.) in 2003 from National American University.

Relevant Certifications:

    • Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)

    • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

    • Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)

    • Certified Intrusion Prevention Specialist (CIPS)


Week 1

    • Topic 1: Wireless Networking Basics and Terminology

    • Topic 2: 802.11 Signal Coverage and Channel Usage

    • Topic 3: 802.11 Security Protocols (OPN, WEP, Pre-Shared Key, WPA, Radius/802.1X, WPA2, WPS)

    • Topic 4: Lab Hardware Setup

    • Topic 5: Lab Software Setup and Configuration

    • Challenge 1: MAC Filtering Bypass and Traffic Capture

Week 2

    • Topic 1: Wireless IV Weaknesses and Decloaking

    • Challenge 1: Non-Broadcasting SSID, Decloaking using Wireshark, Decloaking using Airodump-ng

    • Challenge 2: WEP Attacks, Passive IV Capture

Week 3

    • Topic 1: WPA Handshake and WPS Weaknesses

    • Topic 2: Password Attacks, Distributed Services, GPU Attacks

    • Challenge 1: WPA Attack

    • Challenge 2: WPS Attack

Week 4

    • Topic 1: Wifite, Bully, MDK3, Crackq

    • Challenge 1: WPA2 Attack

    • Challenge 2: Automated Tool Attacks

What software will you use:

To achieve all of that you will need to have some powerful tools at your disposal.

Here is a list of software we want you to utilize:

    • Wireshark

    • Aircrack-ng

    • Airmon-ng

    • Airodump-ng

    • Wifite

If you are not familiar with those don’t worry, we’ll guide you through them!

What will you need:

During the course all exercises will be practical, so you will need some hardware to practice your skills on.

Basic Hardware Requirements:

    • Wireless Card capable of packet injection

    • Wireless access point capable of WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption

You can also benefit more from the course if you have a GPU video card and oclHashcat in your inventory, but those are entirely optional.

If you have any questions, please contact Marta, our training coordinator, at [email protected]

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  • Course Certificate

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