We Are Darkness

June 6, 2024

Wilson Mendes
Obraz zawierający w pomieszczeniu, meble, ściana, ubrania

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"What is at stake is everyone's freedom to connect, communicate and share information freely."  Aaron Swartz


In the dark times of totalitarian dictatorships, of modern and increasingly common surveillance systems disguised through social networks, applications and their powerful terms of use, which give full power to big techs to access absolutely everything about the people they use, Privacy and individual freedom are increasingly threatened. In this scenario, encryption, increasingly popular and natively embedded in applications, browsers, and emails, emerges as an essential tool for protecting sensitive information and guaranteeing citizens' privacy. Encryption not only makes unauthorized access to data difficult, but it also ensures that communication between individuals remains confidential, away from the prying eyes of governments and corporations.

The use of strong encryption can be seen as a form of resistance against mass surveillance and censorship. Secure messaging tools like Signal and end-to-end encryption protocols ensure that only authorized participants can access the content of communications. Furthermore, the use of decentralized cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, allows financial transactions beyond the reach of centralized controls, offering an alternative to the failed and manipulable traditional financial system, which is often subject to government surveillance and control.

Amid this scenario, the Darkweb stands out as a crucial refuge for freedom of expression and the protection of precious secrets. In this hidden layer of the internet, where encryption is fundamental, it is possible....

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