Steganography – A Hidden Reality Far Beyond What The Eyes Can See

Wilson Mendes
“A picture is worth a thousand words” Confúcio It's true?                                                                                         Art by Let's Start Steganography is an ancient secret communication technique that consists of hiding messages within other means of communication, such as images, texts, or physical objects. The term "steganography" derives from the Greek words "steganos" (hidden....

June 19, 2023
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3 months ago

Exploring the captivating world of steganography truly opens our minds to the extent of human creativity and ingenuity. While our eyes perceive only the surface, steganography reveals a hidden reality that surpasses our comprehension. This art of covert communication has been an integral part of human history, stealthily hiding messages within innocuous carriers that deceive even the most vigilant observers.

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