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Android Malware Analysis


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One of the bigger threats in the recent years of Android’s existence is malware, and in this course we are going to examine all the existing Android malware, learn how they work, straight from the source and what harm they can cause. Finally, we will get introduced to the basics of Malware development.

Course starting date:

What will students learn (learning outcome – knowledge)?

    • Basics of malware

    • Basics of Malware Analysis

    • Types of malware

    • History of Android malware

    • In depth examination and analysis of the most lethal and famous Android malware

What skills will students gain (learning outcome – skill)?

    • Malware examination and Analysis

    • Malware development

    • Android ecosystem exploitation through existing malware

What will students need (course requirements)?

    • PC with a preferred operating system (Mac OSX 10.5+, Windows 7+, Linux)

    • Android Device

What students should know before they join (student requirements)?

    • Basics of Android Ecosystem

    • Basics of Java and Programming in general

    • Basics of XML

Instructor’s Bio & Picture:

    • 4 years of experience in Android ecosystem

    • 7 years of experience in Penetration Testing

    • Java, C++, Python

    • Editor of “Penetration Testing with Android Devices” and “Penetration Testing with Kali 2.0” courses of PenTest Magazine.

    • Editor on DeltaHacker Magazine

    • 4 years of blogging on Penetration Testing topics

    • Android and Hacking Enthusiast



Introduction to malware, Android malware and Malware Analysis:
Module 1

    • Introduction to malware

    • Introduction to Android malware

    • What is malware analysis and how can we use it in the security industry

    • Famous tools for Android application analysis and Android malware analysis

Android application development and Android malware part 1:
Module 2

    • Android application analysis

    • Android application basics

    • Android application development

    • Android malware application analysis

Android application development and Android malware Part 2:
Module 3

    • Android malware integration techniques to Android applications

    • Android malware application development

Existing Android malware and Comprehensive Analysis:
Module 4

    • Interesting malware of 2016: Viking Horde,RuMMS

    • malware of 2015: NGE Mobi, AndroidOS.SmsThief



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