Introduction to Digital Forensics (W5)


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The courses below were all published in 2015 or earlier. While we stand by pubishing them then, we've grown so much since. We recognize that these workshops don't exactly meet our standards, as we understand them today. 

All classes are available within our premium membership, and have adjusted CPE awards to reflect their respective contents. If you join, please keep in mind that some of the information inside might be outdated or not relevant. We'll be adding notes at the beginning of each course to let you know what's worth checking out in each! 

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4 CPE credits, Self-paced

Learning outcome: This course will help participants to understand the concept of digital forensic and right approach to conduct the investigation. This module also focuses on setting up the forensic lab which is a very common requirement now days.


Module 1: Starter guide to Digital Forensics & Cyber Crimes

  • Get to know Digital Forensics
  • Background and History of Digital Forensics
  • Crimes related to Digital Forensics
  • Digital Forensics : Procedures and Rules
  • Digital Forensics and Incidence Response

Module 2: Digital Forensics Laboratory

  • Requirements of forensic laboratory
  • Processes performed in the lab
  • Coverage of Digital Forensics
  • Necessary facilities for the lab
  • Necessary considerations for the lab
  • Digital Forensic hardware and software
  • Cost to set up the digital forensic lab

Module 3: Crime Scene Investigation

  • Areas to be covered in digital forensics
  • How to access the case and conduct feasibility study
  • Why evidence is important
  • How to collect and preserve the evidence
  • Analysis of evidence
  • Legal issues involved in field of digital forensics

Module 4: Computer Investigation Process

  • Beginning of the investigation
  • What is the importance of evidence in the investigation
  • Various types of investigation methodology
  • How can you secure the evidence to avoid contamination
  • Corporate investigations pertaining to polices
  • Documenting everything and preparing the report

About Instructor


A qualified Information Security and Investigation Expert from Staffordshire University, United Kingdom. Ivneet Singh has conducted a research study on Web-Biometric application security system to enhance security on websites applications. Using professional forensic tools he has investigated and analyzed various civil and criminal cases which assisted to establish certain facts which were early denied by the wrong doer. He is involved in conducting computer forensic investigation related to corporate frauds. He is also involved in providing guest lecturers and trainings for Computer Forensic and Digital Fraud Investigation to various Law Enforcement agencies in Africa and various countries around South East Asia.

  • Certified Micro Expression Recognition Expert
  • Human Behavior Analysis
  • Certified Hacking and password breaking
  • Certified E-commerce Law
  • Certified Cyber Laws
  • Certified Intellectual Property Rights
  • Certified Cyber Crime Investigator
  • Certified Ethical Hacker, Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune


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