Netflix experiences outage on the mobile app | by Elizabeth Diaz

Netflix experiences outage on the mobile app

Netflix is the most popular streaming platform for entertainment, and currently, has users rapidly growing in millions across the planet. So much so that the company has also entered new markets. Netflix is home to hundreds of TV shows and movies that we actively stream. 

The platform comes at a cheap cost and it is a must-have if you are looking for on-screen entertainment.

The Trend Today

As of late, Netflix’s content has reached new heights of success. The likes of Stranger Things, House of Cards, The Crown, The Witcher, The Irishman, You, Black Mirror, Narcos, Rick and Morty, amongst several others, make up the list of most popular TV shows and movies across the globe.

Most people use Netflix on a daily basis. You could be warming up in your bed on a cold Friday night watching your favorite show or spending a binge spree on a Sunday. However, all of that was put on a halt recently as Netflix experienced an outage over the mobile application which hit millions of subscribers across the globe.

The Arrival OfDisney+

The middle of November was a tough time for Netflix. The arrival of Disney+ meant that the platform now has major competition. Netflix previously surged in the market with zero direct competition, which meant that they were essentially the ‘talk of the town.’ 

However, other streaming platforms are slowly rolling out, including Disney+, which may mean that Netflix will have difficulty retaining its subscribers.

If that is not enough, Netflix’s outage on the mobile app angered many subscribers who were taken away from hours of remarkable entertainment. On the 21st of November, users in multiple countries reported that the streaming platform stopped working. There was a problem in streaming as well as accessing the mobile application. 

Netflix Outage And The Numbers

The issue was not clear in the beginning; however, it had shaken up its millions of subscribers. It created mass outrage, and they took to social media as soon as they fell victim to the app’s crash. The problem they faced was all very similar; they would see an error message prompted on the screen every time a user opened the streaming app. 

It was revealed that, among the users who reported outage of Netflix, 74% claimed that their issues were related to not being able to stream any video. Other than that, 20% of users said that they experienced a loss of connection or no connection at all. That is not all; 4% of Netflix users shared that they could not log in to their Netflix accounts during the outage.

The outage was reported to have occurred around 8.30 am ET. Users in the United States did not find it as a major issue, but that was mainly because mornings are not the peak time for them to stream Netflix.

However, people living in Europe and the Middle East immediately expressed their disapproval and the issues that they had to face. Social media was stormed with reactions as soon as the glitch occurred.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to fill up with complaints and feedback. However, most of the users on social media were there to see if others had faced the same problems. 

Reports of Netflix Outage

A user was reportedly saying: "When I tried closing the app and logging back in; it said my login was incorrect. Then I changed my password and still had nothing. I came to Twitter and found out that it was down entirely; which meant that I had changed my password for no reason.”

Another user experienced their Netflix app crashing, and they took to Twitter and tweeted the following in an attempt to understand if other users experienced the same problem: "I thought it was just me, but I tried multiple devices and still the same problem persists.”

Once Twitter was filled with tweets after tweets of complaints by Netflix users, the streaming app’s own social media personnel considered it appropriate to release a statement. Their first response was to attend to the immediate queries of the subscribers.

Netflix’s Twitter account went on to tweet the following: “At the moment, we are experiencing technical problems. However, we are busy rectifying this as quickly as possible. I recommend trying Netflix again at a later date. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

Meanwhile, Netflix also tried to guide subscribers who were facing a certain error. They directed users who complained about the “UI-800-3” error code to their help center. It read the following instructions: “It typically points to information stored on your device which needs to be refreshed.” It also provided users with various ways to troubleshoot the issue.

After that was taken care of, Netflix released the following statement: “We strive to bring you TV shows and movies you want to watch, and also whenever you want to watch them. However, on very rare occasions, we do experience a service outage. If we are experiencing an interruption to our streaming service, we'll keep this page up to date with a description of the problem.”

The Bottom Line

Although Netflix experienced an outage, it still remains one of the biggest streaming platforms housing millions of users. The numbers are in favor of Netflix and it will likely grow as the competition is set to intensify with the arrival of Disney+.

About the Author

Elizabeth Diaz is a tech savvy individual who reads and writes on several genres in his free time. He is an expert who works at a mobile application design and development company, and has dedicated his work to transferring authentic information. 

February 9, 2020
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