The Google Maps Service is Not so Safe to Use: 3 Notorious Hacks | by Dominique Rene

March 20, 2020

The Google Maps Service is Not so Safe to Use: 3 Notorious Hacks

Google Maps, the web search giant’s proprietary geolocation service, is an instrument whose importance is difficult to overestimate these days. Not only does it help people find their way in unfamiliar places, but it also bridges the gap between businesses and potential customers who want to drop by.

However, there are exploitation vectors that may misguide Google Maps users or even get them in trouble. Why on earth would anyone want to do this? Well, there are plenty of reasons. One of them is to sabotage a competitor’s café or store by deceiving clients into thinking it’s currently closed. The other is to get someone ambushed by making them head in the wrong direction.

Believe it or not, some of these stratagems are ridiculously easy and inexpensive to execute. The stories below demystify a few notorious Google Maps Hacks and explain how they work.

Traffic Jams That Aren’t There

In February 2020, a German enthusiast named Simon Weckert spread the word about an incredibly simple way to manipulate Google Maps. All it took was....

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