Drone Incident Response - Health and Safety Considerations [FREE COURSE CONTENT]

In this short video from our Drone Forensics course you will learn what you should take into consideration when responding to a UAV incident, especially when it comes to health and safety. What precautions do you need to take? What measures can you employ to make sure you're safe? All of this in the video below! If you're left wanting more, visit the course here, and sign up! 


UAV Response Strategy and Forensics

This course has been built through first-hand law enforcement experience, supported by academic research. The workshop will involve a UAV investigation from start to finish, building your confidence and knowledge in this field of digital forensics.

Small UAVs have increased in popularity significantly in recent years, but with this increase in availability, affordability and ease of use a nefarious underworld has formed. UAVs have provided the criminal element with a new tool to their arsenal and it is up to forensic examiners to see what data can be extracted.

This course is designed to provide law enforcement agencies, their partners, forensic specialists, and first responders awareness and training sufficient to build or enhance their strategy to deal with UAV related incidents. This course will provide an introduction to UAVs before covering the types of criminal acts UAVs can be used in, first responder, seizure and examination guidelines, along with evidence presentation.

What skills will you gain?

  • You will learn how to manage and respond to a drone-related incident in a safe and structured manner.
  • You will learn how to extract data from a range of UAVs currently on the market, and how to use tools to interpret and analysis that data.
  • You will learn how to present UAV related data evidentially.
  • After this course you will be better equipped to deal with a UAV related incident, which is a skillset in high demand around the world.

What will you learn about? 

  • You will learn what a UAV, UAS and drone are and what their key components consist of.
  • During this course you will learn what criminal activities can and/or have been completed through the use of a UAV.
  • Students will be taught guidelines and framework necessary to cover scene first responders, seizure advice and forensic examination structure.
  • Students will be guided through a fictional UAV examination (Start to finish), which will cover the extraction and interpretation of data.

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February 17, 2020
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