Drive Geometry [FREE COURSE VIDEO]

In this short video from our Digital Forensic Imaging online course we take a deep dive into drive geometry - this knowlege is crucial for anyone looking to acquire digital evidence - we have a feeling this might be you! 

This course will give you the knowledge and skills to preserve and protect evidence with secure forensic imaging.  Guided by industry standards and methods the student will learn and apply best practices to identify and utilize the most effective and defensible imaging methods. More than ever, this skill is of critical importance because creating and backing up a forensic image helps ensure evidence integrity presentable in court. Forensic imaging can also prevent the loss of critical files due to drive or other device failure. Students interested in the imaging process and image types including the underlying technology will find this course appealing, Technologies range from disk drive geometry and operating systems to hashing algorithms and bit-stream imaging. Whether you are interested in computer forensics or are already a forensic examiner this course if for you. There is more to forensic imaging and this course will explain why and increase your skills and knowledge implementing the forensic process.

Why THIS course? 

While all steps in the forensic process have equal priority and attention to detail, evidence acquisition and preservation is arguably the most important aspect of the forensic process because this is where the case begins. One could also argue that forensic imaging is equally an important first step because, if done accurately, it preserves evidence in its original state and ensures that critical evidence will not be lost due to drive or other device failures. As such, it is critical to thoroughly understand forensic imaging to do it correctly so that there is absolute integrity in the subsequent handling, analysis, and reporting of acquired data. This course will give you the knowledge and skill in how to conduct forensic imaging flawlessly. By taking this course, you will gain insight into different imaging standards and methods as well as background knowledge in the underlying technology and how to connect image processing to your overall case.

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August 10, 2021
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