Big Data Security Protocols for your Enterprise: Things to Know | By Diana Vantur

Big Data Security Protocols for your Enterprise: Things to Know

Big data has been buzzing around since years and every business wants to collect benefits of the business intelligence by applying it to the data as much as executives, marketers and every other department in the business to get their hands on. Once you have got that data the difficulty lies not only in analyzing the massive data but also to look after the key insights for which you are looking after along with the securing all of that data as well.

Moreover, the big data industry has continued to grow in the future as marketers are trying to leverage the constant growth of the online world. Among all, security becomes the primary concern when you begin using the enterprise big data applications.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the basic rules which should be implemented by any business to save their private data from the cyber threats.

  • Enhanced Encryption Level

Since many years, the encryption has dramatically evolved as with the onset of big data, it is becoming a lot more complex than ever. Making use of the Searchable Symmetric Encryption (SSE), you can conduct searches on the encrypted data and once the SSE is installed you can make use of the different encryption methods to go for.

You can opt for the attribute-based encryption for integrating your access control into encryption. Also, cloud providers are able to identify duplicate data with the help of converged encryption. Further, you need to define the user level or specific permissions for every individual as it helps to ensure that each user has an appropriate access level.

  • Transferring big data using VPN for secured access

When you want to transfer your personal data, it comes with the risk of being intercepted by an unauthorized party. Earlier, the enterprise network managers used to discover how big risks can be poised off by embracing Virtual Private Networks in order to handle all the aspects of big data.

There are no exceptions to VPNs as it can always be used to view, edit or transfer it. It helps to encrypt your data during the transmission phase only to ensure that the data reaches the desired destination. By using this approach, it nearly makes it impossible for cybercriminals to figure out hacking into the system and obtain the data they were supposed to have.

  • Perform an Optimized Security Rules

The best way to ensure tight security practices is to detect the immediate downtimes as it happens. This leads to the alertness on the moment and lets you take immediate steps when you hear any warning signals from your big data system. We strongly believe that the introduction of big data has provided strong security to the world of big data where it is making the protocols more complex.

Train your employees to be aware of how to use your data and the privacy that needs to get embraced is the only way to ensure data protection and security. That's because you are aware of what the policies are and what to expect from your employees when it comes to protecting the data. No standards are taking place when leaving a lot of room for failure whereas setting the tone leads to success.  

  • Other Issues to Consider

When working with the big data, there are various frameworks which guarantee stronger data security for your organization. Always make sure to take some necessary steps for securing your framework and preventing personal data getting landed to the wrong hands. You should always embrace an opportunity to think out of the box no matter whether you are inspired by the recent big data security breaches or if anything gets popped up to your mind.

The cybercriminals are already looking for out of the box ways to hack into your systems and destroy it. Hence, you must get on their level to beat them at their own game as many a time it gets happened that the breach can be prevented just by thinking of some new ways of data security.

The Road Ahead

Big data security is becoming the primary concern of almost every individual and an organization as the tons of data hides the potential to drive your business towards success. You can also try big data security analytics which is more of a qualitative form of security.

Big data security analytics supports the need for scalability, integration tools and visualizing the diverse types of the data by increasing the importance of contextual information and the breadth of security functions by leading the vendors to apply some advanced data analysis and storage tools for the security of the information. However, every organization should take the charges of protecting their private information by implementing some serious protocols to prevent data breaches. Keep Learning!

Author Bio:

Diana Vantur is a Technology Analyst currently working at Tatvasoft UK which is a big data company in London. Her area of interest includes tech news and how software is being used in trending business. She strongly believes that knowledge is meant to be shared - whether related to design, software, technologies, and the list goes on.

June 4, 2019
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