Unlocking the Orbital Domain: Digital Forensics in Satellite and UAV Technologies

March 7, 2024


The evolution of digital technology has significantly broadened the scope of digital forensics, a field traditionally tethered to terrestrial digital systems. The advent of satellite and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technologies has opened up new frontiers, marking a significant stride towards a global digital ecosystem. These technologies are the linchpins in a gamut of critical sectors including global communication, navigation, and surveillance. The imperative to safeguard these systems against burgeoning cyber threats has catalyzed the emergence of satellite and UAV digital forensics. This discourse endeavors to traverse the nascent field of satellite and UAV digital forensics, elucidating on the symbiotic relationship between emerging digital forensic tools, methodologies, and the inherent challenges.


A plethora of studies have surfaced over the years, delineating the trajectory of digital forensics in satellite and UAV technologies. For instance, Akinbi (2023) explored the vicissitudes of satellite digital forensics in the digital epoch, highlighting both the opportunities and challenges that lie therein. Similarly, Thornton and Bagheri Zadeh (2022) unveiled a new horizon in digital investigation through UAV digital forensics. These studies elucidate the burgeoning digital forensic tools and methodologies tailored for these novel domains. However, a discernible lacuna exists in addressing the nuanced technical and legal challenges, and the evolving threat landscape. A comparative scrutiny of these seminal works reveals a pressing need for a robust legal and technical framework to bolster digital forensic investigations in satellite and UAV domains.

The impending evolution of sixth generation (6G) wireless networks, projected to be operative by the....


George Antoniou, Ph.D.
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