June 6, 2024

Uncovering the rib-tickling hysterically funny impractical portrayal of Digital forensics and Cyber security in Indian Cinema

Pirathibban. K


Indian cinema, a realm beyond imagination directly connected to the multiverse of Rangoli like colourful storytelling, larger-than-life characters, laws of physics-defying action sequences, dramatic romantic escapades and sometimes filled with unexplainable vibe songs in between, never fails to charm us with its special take on various aspects of existence. However, when it comes to the representation of digital forensics and cyber security, our adored Indian filmmakers have truly taken the phrase “out of this world” to a whole new level. From the blockbusters of Kashmir to the marvels of Kanyakumari, let’s shed some light on a humorous inter-dimensional journey through the absurdly exaggerated and ludicrously illogical portrayal of digital forensics and cyber security in Indian cinema.

“Tony Stark’s” of India

In the digital realm of Indian cinema, every hacker can mystically tap into the Marvel Universe to manifest “Tony Stark” himself as if they have Jarvis to do every kind of hacking for them. They are energized with god-like powers, armed with a single laptop and a cup of coffee, without much effort can bypass firewalls, decrypt complex encryptions and hack any system in the blink of an eye. It is as if, the keyboard is the “Infinity stones” granting them anything they want in the virtual world, with one “snap” of their fingers.  

Mysterious “Mr A” from Dhoom 2

Remember the legendary scene from Dhoom 2, in....


Pirathibban. K
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