Don't underestimate the script kiddies nowadays - Interview with Tal Argoni, Co- Founder of Triad Security

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today we would like to introduce to you Tal Argoni, C0-  Founder of Triad Security. We have spoken about cyber security industry in Israel, company challenges and plans for the future. Enjoy!

[eForensics Magazine]: Hello Tal, how have you been doing? Can you tell us something about yourself?

[Tal Argoni]: I am an application security expert with more than 10 years of experience. I am experienced in managing large scale projects executed by various teams. During this time I lectured in Microsoft user group forum. I have a broad portfolio that includes various types of applications and technologies. During my career I performed application security audits, code/design review to unique operational applications in a wide range of customers from all types of industries. For example; security, cellular, high-tech, automotive, financial, insurance, healthcare, government, gambling, commercial, retail and more.

[eFM]: Why did you decide to create Triad Security? And what’s your role in the company?

[TA]: I felt that I needed to take the next step in my career. The decision was between taking on a challenge in another firm or embark on the adventure of establishing something of my own. I have joined forces with Avi Orenstein and Naor Moreno and together we  founded Triad Security in 2014. Triad Security’s vision is to preform unique projects that require vast knowledge and experience in the field. Triad Security’s primary goal is to be your trusted advisor regarding information and cyber security.      

[eFM]: Can you tell us something about Triad Security? What is the company focused the most on?

[TA]: Triad Security is a Cyber and Information Security company providing Advanced Cyber & Information Security services & consulting. We provide the same services as every security consulting firm, BUT we supply deliverables with the best quality in mind and we do it in the most professional manner so our customers could better their security in an operational manner. You can find out about our services at

[eFM]: Which of your services is the most popular one and why?

[TA]: Triad Security’s is focused on different cyber consulting services, and they all equally popular such as: Security Development Life Cycle, Security Auditing, Implementation of well-known security standards, Penetration Testing, Management of Security in Enterprise Organizations, etc.

[eFM]: What  is Dcoya? Where did the idea come from?

[TA]: Dcoya solution offers corporate protection from malware, spyware, and other threats by introducing a real-life phishing simulation to the employees, in a safe and controlled environment. With Dcoya’s solution you can gauge your employees’ understanding of the dangers associated with phishing and spear-phishing attacks. The simulation does not compromise your organization’s existing security mechanisms and does not expose your network to actual attacks.

By delivering a phishing-focused assessment program, Dcoya helps you to establish a baseline understanding of how vulnerable your organization could be to pervasive social engineering threats. With highly customizable scenarios, dozens of attack templates focused on emulating the most relevant threats, you will be able to identify your risks, target your education process, and identifying the weakest links in your organization.

Dcoya provides immediate feedback and targeted training to anyone that falls victim to these simulations. Customers may run their own phishing awareness program internally using Dcoya’s predefined attack templates, or utilize our highly specialized managed service team to have a fully customized program for them.

Dcoya’s solution is built on a SaaS platform with security and scalability in mind. Our technology provides an unmatched range of cyber-attack themes, content and customization. The deliverables include analysis, management and detailed reports and various benchmarks.

The idea came from the need to make it harder for malicious hackers to penetrate organizations using phishing and social engineering attacks and by engaging the end user to be an active part of the security defense mechanisms in the organization.

[eFM]: Is there is any philosophy behind the company? Do you have any mission?

[TA]: As employees and in general, people are usually the weakest link in the security chain, the Philosophy is making employees aware of the risks and dangers that an organization faces each and every day. A knowledgeable employee is less prone to fall for an attack. The company focuses on the bigger market, worldwide market and of course the multi-nationality of the company’s clients.

[eFM]: How do you plan to accomplish that?  

[TA]: By sending the employee on a riveting journey in the field of cyber and making them feel part of the process, making them learn what cyber security is by participating in a simulated cyber-attack.

[eFM]:The cyber security market in Israel is growing very fast. Why’s that? Why Israel?

[TA]: The cyber security market is growing all over the world and Israel is a pioneer in security issues,solutions development and innovative ideas to protect exponentially growing risks within the cyber realm . Information Security has become a must-have field in a business just like attorney and accountant. The Israeli market and great minds and is a fruitful soil for development of new ideas and technologies. Israel also stands tall against constant threats that emerge from cyberspace and defends itself using its own developed technologies. We are born with the mind for security and information security defense mechanisms. Globally speaking, since 2012, governments all around the world have allocated budgets to the cyber security market. That action accelerated the market growth in Israel. There are more than a few big cyber security development centers that are in the cutting edge of technology developing new security solutions and concepts that the market is thirsty for and are situated in different geographical areas in Israel.

[eFM]: Was it difficult to start out in this environment? Or was it more friendly then?

[TA]: Albert Einstein’s Theory of relativity teaches us that ease and difficulty lies within the eyes of the beholder. Every situation has its pros and cons, deciding the right choice that will bring the most of it is the key going forward.

[eFM]: Is it challenging to compete on the Israeli cybersecurity market?

[TA]: It’s a challenge to put the foot in the door of new clients, with trusting customers we are second to no one. Our customers know and appreciate our professional work.   

[eFM]: Can you see any big differences between market in Israel and USA? Where do you think it is better to grow a company focused on cyber security solutions?

[TA]: The big difference I noticed between USA and Israel is that more companies in USA recruiting in-house employees and developing in-house InfoSec teams while in Israel, companies use security experts from security oriented (Integration and Consulting) companies. But I’m sure that the Israeli market will fill the gap and within a few years every small company will have an in-house security expert. One more major difference I see in the investment market. In the past, the investors used to invest and open start-up's in Israel. Now investors prefer to relocate the Israeli co-founders to USA and register the start-ups in USA.

[eFM]: Why do you think that is?

[TA]: It seems that Israel is a seed of great ideas and knowledge in the field of cyber security. Prestige and world-wide fame come with size, so the companies prefer to situate their base in the US.

[eFM]: Are there any challenges Triad Security have to face at the moment?

[TA]: Triad Security is a thriving and ambitious company in Israel. At the moment the company is looking to broaden its markets and spread its wings to near markets such as the EMEA and the European markets offering our expertise and consulting services.

[eFM]: Any plans for the future?

[TA]: We are eager to expand and recruit new people and make our brand known to everyone.

[eFM]: Do you have any message to our readers? Any piece of advice?

[TA]: Don't underestimate the script kiddies nowadays. They have the knowledge, they have the tools and skills. The hackers "hunt in packs" and launch sophisticated and more advanced attacks than ever. We need to be prepared for the worst case scenario where a targeted attack could happen in our organization.

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