Practical Guide to USB Forensics - Data Breach Test Case by Tal Eliyahu

Computer forensics is the process of obtaining digital information and analyzing it for any leaked or stolen data. Basically, it …

Mar 20,2016

8 min read

Windows Digital Cyber-Crime Forensics Investigation 

This article mainly covers a lot about Windows Forensics in-depth and while there are other forensics for operating systems such as iOS, Mac OS and Linux. They’ve not specifically been covered here. There’s even malware analysis which is a broader topic covering each operating system, which I’ll make an article about soon as well. Nonetheless, I hope this article helps you understand more about Windows Forensics and helps you kick-start your journey in investigating cyber-crime in the Windows world.

Dec 02,2023

21 min read

Wilson Mendes Official

Catch Me If You Can 

It is no surprise that governments, phreaking, spy agencies and criminals, due to the ease of access to citizen data and technological manipulation, began to gain advantage by using evidence and social involvement to facilitate their crimes. In this article, we discuss the challenge of tracking cybercriminals and the tactics they use. Readers can gain insights into how cybercrime investigations are conducted.

Nov 14,2023

11 min read

Wilson Mendes Official

Mobile Forensic Investigator in the Lost World of Crime

Mobile forensics is different from computer forensics and is about using scientific methodologies to retrieve stored data through multiple attempts and tools to acquire as much data as can be accessed, stored, and synchronized across multiple devices, presenting unique challenges for forensic examiners. We explore mobile forensics, highlighting the importance of collecting evidence properly. Readers will learn how forensic professionals handle cases involving mobile devices.

Nov 14,2023

12 min read

Wilson Mendes Official

Dangerous in The Air

Cybercriminals, often writing their software with skills, knowledge, and the ability to break into any network—some even funded by governments—are spying on countries, companies, and people for secrets, stealing billions of dollars through ransomware-type worms each time. More sophisticated criminals are demanding ransoms without any guarantee that those data will not be exposed or traded in parallel markets, such as the Deep Web and Mariana’s Web. This article covers security risks in wireless communication and Wi-Fi networks. Readers can gain insights into how to protect their wireless connections from threats.

Nov 14,2023

9 min read

Deepfake Audio: A Comprehensive Study in Digital Forensics Course Online (W62)

This course is aimed at presenting an elementary yet comprehensive picture of the field of digital audio forensics, with the implied hope that it will afford the participant useful theoretical and practical knowledge of the field and its various aspects.

Aug 01,2023

78 min read

Micro-drone Warfare: Cybersecurity Implications and Countermeasures (W61)

"Micro-drone Warfare: Cybersecurity Implications and Countermeasures" is an advanced course designed for digital forensics professionals seeking to understand the cybersecurity challenges posed by the increasing use of micro-drones in modern warfare. The course provides an in-depth exploration of micro-drone technologies, their role in cyber threats, and the countermeasures necessary to mitigate these threats. Learners will delve into the various types and capabilities of micro-drones, their communication and networking technologies, and the associated cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The course covers risk assessment and threat modeling for micro-drone systems, analysis of real-world micro-drone warfare scenarios, and the development of defense strategies against potential cyber attacks. Additionally, the course addresses the legal and policy frameworks governing micro-drone warfare cybersecurity, including ethical considerations, privacy implications, and international regulations. The course is led by Rhonda Johnson, a seasoned educator and Ph.D. student specializing in Cybersecurity. Prior knowledge of computer networks, cybersecurity principles, operating systems, basic electronics, and wireless communication is recommended. The course employs tools such as Drone Simulators and Drone Performance Evaluation Tools for practical learning.

Jun 26,2023

17 min read

Kunal Dutt Course

Data Integrity And Evidence Handling in Digital Forensics - Course Online (W60)

The course is intended for individuals from the IT industry as well as those outside of it who have some knowledge of cybersecurity. Basic concepts of cybersecurity are required. During the course, participants will acquire skills related to: Understanding digital forensics, including its scope, relevance in investigations, and legal and ethical considerations. Concepts of data integrity and its significance in digital forensics. They will learn about various threats to data integrity and techniques for ensuring its preservation throughout the forensic process. Principles of evidence handling, including chain of custody, documentation, and the importance of maintaining the integrity of evidence. Legal and ethical considerations related to digital evidence handling. This includes understanding privacy and confidentiality considerations and the role of expert witness testimony in courtroom presentations. Data acquisition techniques for different types of digital devices. They will learn about disk imaging, integrity verification, and the use of hash functions in maintaining data integrity. Techniques for analyzing and examining digital evidence, including file system analysis, data recovery, reconstruction techniques, and metadata analysis. The course also includes practical application of various tools and technologies used in digital forensics, such as Autopsy, The Sleuth Kit (TSK), Volatility, Plaso, Wireshark, Bulk Extractor, OSForensics, and Autopsy Browser. At the end of the course, a final exam is planned consisting of multiple-choice questions on the concepts and fundamentals arising from the course outcomes, along with practical tasks.

Jun 12,2023

14 min read

Dauda Sule Course

eForensics Course for eWarfare: Investigations, Threat Detection and Reconnaissance in the Electromagnetic Spectrum (W59)

eForensics for eWarfare: Investigations, Threat Detection, and Reconnaissance in the Electromagnetic Spectrum" is an innovative course designed to introduce learners to the application of digital forensics tools and techniques in electronic warfare. It aims to deepen participants' understanding of electronic warfare, its history, military applications, and how digital forensics is applied in warfare and intelligence. The course also focuses on the significance of electronic warfare in today's world, discussing potential threats and how to mitigate them. COURSE STRUCTURE: This course is structured into several key modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of electronic warfare. The modules are: Introduction to Electronic Warfare Notable Milestones in the Development of Electronic Warfare A Look at Air Force Radar Systems Military Application of Digital Forensics Investigating Incidents on Critical Infrastructure: Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Each module ends with a multiple-choice quiz to ensure understanding, with a pass mark of 75%. EQUIPMENT & PREREQUISITES: To participate, students will need a PC, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. Basic knowledge of information systems, cybersecurity, and digital forensics is recommended. ABOUT THE LECTURER: This course is led by an experienced lecturer from the Cyber Security Department of the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Kaduna. With a background in both training and consulting, the lecturer has considerable expertise in a range of relevant areas, including information and physical management, security, assurance, and control. Furthermore, he has authored numerous articles in well-established journals, including eForensics Magazine and the ISACA Journal, and has led training workshops on digital forensics and eDiscovery.

May 26,2023

10 min read

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