The Israel Torres Compendium


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Dear Readers,

This special compendium of Israel Torres' most recent technical articles will take you on a forensic adventure through all the fun and interesting things he loves to research, hack, and share with everyone. He hopes to inspire you enough to engage with and take his findings further by writing about them.
Also in this special issue, we have included an interview with Israel Torres earlier this year about his early beginnings, philosophy, and the paths he took to get to where he is today. He loves sharing his knowledge, experience, and wisdom with everyone, especially when they reciprocate in the community.
As a researcher and engineer, Israel spends a lot of time reading RFCs, white papers, articles, write-ups, and tinkering with software and sometimes hardware (more about this in his interview).
With his rich background, he also loves to integrate and automate software, continually refining his approach to save him time, and giving him more time to play with more things. In his "spare time", he continues to stay as close to the edge as he can while understanding the most current cybersecurity technologies for attack and defense. One thing that he loves most is finding patterns even when there isn't supposed to be one, and at the same time he tries to avoid running into rabbit holes – what a tricky business!
In 'The Israel Torres Compendium' he focuses on various sub-topics under malware, obfuscation, macOS, Linux, GPT, cryptography, and communications.

As Israel Torres would say, "docendo discimus"!
Enjoy reading!
Israel Torres, Ewa Dudzic & eForensics Team


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