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Editor’s Word

Dear Readers,

This special compendium of Wilson Mendes' latest technical articles will take you on a fascinating journey through the complexities of cybersecurity, forensics, and information protection. “I hope these articles inspire and enrich your understanding of digital security and forensics issues, as well as the work I have dedicated to research and knowledge sharing.”

In this special edition, we include an interview with Wilson Mendes to offer an insight into his experiences, routines, philosophies, and the journey that led him to become a respected professional in the field of information security. “I believe sharing knowledge is key, and I am always excited to learn and grow alongside the security community.”

In my role as a researcher and penetration tester with Red Team, I read books and technical articles, developed and experimented with new tools, kept up to date with cybersecurity trends, and looked at offensive and defensive areas.

In 'The Wilson Mendes Compendium', articles will cover a variety of topics, including malware, obfuscation, operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and BSD, machine learning algorithms, cryptography, backdoors, telephony, and secure communications.

“Information is a common good that cannot be monopolized.” I hope these articles inspire your explorations and discoveries in the vast landscape of information security. I look forward to continuing to share my knowledge and experience with the community while learning from you at the same time.

Yours sincerely,
Wilson Mendes, Ewa Dudzic, and eForensics team


Dear Readers,

I hope this message finds you well. I would like to share with you a brief insight into the articles I have recently written for eForensics Magazine, as well as what readers can learn from them.
18 articles cover the technical aspects in depth while developing the articles in a language that supporters of the hacker universe can understand.
I believe this special edition compilation represents an opportunity to add value to the magazine's subscribers by bringing a collection of valuable pieces of knowledge into the digital universe.
All of these articles provide our readers with the opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge on cybersecurity issues, forensic investigation, and personal information protection. Each article provides a unique and practical perspective on the challenges and solutions in these critical domains.
We appreciate the opportunity to discuss these topics with our readers and look forward to continuing to provide useful information in our magazine.

Yours sincerely,
Wilson C.S Mendes

Table of Contents

Intelligent Algorithms and Forensic Investigation:
The Meeting Between Sherlock Holmes and The Digital Age
In this article, I explore the intersection between intelligent algorithms and forensic investigation. Readers can learn how modern technology is being used to improve investigations and solve cases more effectively.

Cryptography and the Frontier of Privacy
This article addresses the current scenario of encryption and its impact on privacy. Readers can understand how encryption plays a key role in protecting personal data.

Privacy? 404 Page Not Found
In this article, we dive into the issue of privacy in the digital age. Readers can gain insights into the challenges we face trying to maintain privacy in an increasingly connected world.

Forensic Investigation in Docker Environments: Unraveling the Secrets of Containers
We explore the world of Docker containers and how they can be used in forensic investigations. Readers will learn how to deal with the complexity of container-based infrastructures.

Steganography – A Hidden Reality Far Beyond What The Eyes Can See
This article reveals the secrets of steganography, teaching readers how information can be creatively hidden as well as highlighting the importance of detecting such techniques.

Interview with Wilson Mendes
I talk about family, career, difficulties, study routines, work, dozens of tools, system failures, etc.

Ransomware – Attacks on the Rise: Are We Prepared for the Next Wave of Cybercrime?
We address the growing problem of ransomware attacks and how organizations can prepare to face them. Readers can learn how to protect their systems and data against these threats.

Data for Sale: The Commoditization of Personal Information in a Controlled Society
This article deals with the commercialization of personal information and its implications. Readers will better understand how their information is being used and what they can do to protect it.

Instagram: There Is Someone Behind The Door
This article explores security issues related to using the Instagram platform. Readers can learn about the threats and risks associated with sharing information on this social network.

Dangerous Is In Air
This article covers security risks in wireless communication and Wi-Fi networks. Readers can gain insights into how to protect their wireless connections from threats.

Forensic Investigator Mobile In The Lost World Of Crime
We explore mobile forensics, highlighting the importance of collecting evidence properly. Readers will learn how forensic professionals handle cases involving mobile devices.

Catch Me If You Can
In this article, we discuss the challenge of tracking cybercriminals and the tactics they use. Readers can gain insights into how cybercrime investigations are conducted.

There Is Honor Among Thieves
Cybercriminals can abuse services like these to spread malware, meaning that a successful attack against uninformed people and an unprotected system can have catastrophic consequences. In practice, these are the main targets of cybercriminals.

Forensic Tools? Elementary, My Dear Watson
We cover the use of forensic tools and how they assist in investigations. Readers can learn about the technologies available to forensic professionals.

How to Make Cyberspace Safe?
This article discusses strategies for making cyberspace safer. Readers can get tips on how to protect their online activities and personal information.

Malware – The Nightmare Time
We explore the world of malware threats and how they can affect systems and data. Readers will learn about the different forms of malware and how to protect themselves against them.

Steganography – Protect Your Data
This article covers steganography and how it can be used to protect sensitive data. Readers can learn how to use steganography techniques to hide information securely.

Mobile Service Breach-behind the Scenes Work
We discuss investigations related to mobile service breaches. Readers can gain insight into how forensic professionals work behind the scenes to solve these cases.


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