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Digital Forensics StarterKit

This magazine contains 10 step-by-step tutorials to introduce you to the world of digital forensics, showing specific operations and how to use the tools. You will learn, among other, how to examine a computer and a mobile device, and how to build a simple forensics tool using Python. All texts are adapted to the basic level and are an excellent source of knowledge that will help you broaden your horizons and acquire new skills.
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Intermediate Forensics Tutorials

This magazine contains 10 tutorials that are intended for people with a basic understanding of digital forensics. Don't worry though, because if you've read our Digital Forensics StarterKit, this magazine is for you. Thanks to this issue, you will enter the intermediate level and deepen your knowledge of digital forensics. You will learn for example how to use known tools in investigative work and what data collection techniques are.
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