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This is the information age. Virtually all aspects of our lives are in one way or the other linked to information technology, almost everything we do at home and at work generates an electronic footprint in the form of electronically stored information (ESI). Such ESI are not only relevant for investigating IT related crime or breaches, but almost every kind of issue. In the corporate environment, staff behavior can be monitored and reviewed using ESI, or criminal and civil proceedings might require them as evidence in the event of litigation. eDiscovery is needed for all these, and how it is handled can make or mar a business. This course seeks to introduce the concept of eDiscovery and how it relates to an organization, both from the point of view of technology and the legal front.

What will you learn? 

  • What eDiscovery is
  • The eDiscovery process
  • The eDiscovery reference model
  • eDiscovery readiness
  • IT’s role in eDiscovery
  • Legal department’s role in eDsicovery

What skills will you gain?

  • How to preserve data for eDicovery
  • How to manage and review data for eDiscovery
  • eDiscovery readiness



Dauda SuleDauda Sule is a certified information systems auditor with an M.Sc. in Computer security. He is currently Marketing Executive of GGL Global Risk and Strategic Consulting, and has over five years previous experience in the Nigerian Banking sector, and was also a systems security supervisor in GTech Computers. He has written various articles for eForensics magazine and ISACA journal, and is also a beta tester for eForensics magazine.



Module 1

  • Importance of electronic evidence;
  • Digital forensics and investigation;
  • What is eDiscovery?;
  • Laws and regulations governing eDiscovery.

Extra reading:

Forensics & eDiscovery: Communication is the key, by Mark Surguy

Module 2

  • Electronic Discovery Reference Model;
  • Information Management;
  • Identification;
  • Preservation;
  • Collection;
  • Review;
  • Analysis;
  • Production; 
  • Preservation.

Extra reading: 

Forensics in the Law: Navigating ESI, eDiscovery and Records Management, by Kelly Twigger, Principal and Founder of ESI Attorneys

Module 3

  • Litigation;
  • When does eDsicovery begin?;
  • Electronically Stored Information (ESI);
  • ESI collection; 
  • ESI analysis.

Extra reading: 

eDiscovery Document Review Trends, by Cynthia Marple

Module 4

  • Discovery readiness;
  • The role of IT and Legal department;
  • Forensic readiness planning; 
  • Importance of forensic readiness planning.

Extra reading: 

Predictive Coding-based Legal Methods for Search and Review, by Ralph C. Losey

Module 5

  • Difference between eDiscovery and eDisclosure;
  • eDiscovery challenges;
  • New trends and developments (BYOD, IoT, wearables, etc); 
  • Case studies

Extra reading:

eDiscovery and eDisclosure: Same Difference?, by Jerome Raguin, Lex Connect

 Module 6

  • Summary 

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