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Dear readers, 

This month we present a Workshop eBook based on our Digital Video Forensics course. The eBook contains the entire reading material from the course, while skipping practical exercises and video demonstrations. If you would like to access those, and get a certificate proving you mastered this material, consider joining the course.

DVF is a multifaceted research domain where each facet is an elaborate study in its own. The course entitled Digital Video Forensics: Uncovering the Truth in a World of Distorted Realities has been designed to offer comprehensive understanding of the digital video forensics domain, beginning with the fundamental concepts of digital videos and the technical issues related to digital video processing, to the basic knowledge of a wide range of issues associated with the evidential use and forensic analysis of video evidence, followed by the practical knowledge of various video forensic investigation procedures (including both rudimentary and specialized video content authentication and forgery detection scheme), all of which will help develop crucial analytical, problem-solving, and research skills.

The participants will also gain a deep understanding of the current research gaps, open issue and future research avenues in the video forensics domain, which will act as a platform for further career and personal development. Altogether, this course will enable the participants to establish a strong foundation for the eventual development of a meaningful career in the tremendously exciting domain of video forensics.


eForensics Magazine Team

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About the course

Introduction to digital video forensics

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Digital Videos and Digital Video Processing

Chapter 2: Video Evidence: Basic Concepts and Principles

Chapter 3: Content Authentication and Tamper Detection in Digital Videos: Part 1 (Basic)

Chapter 4: Content Authentication and Tamper Detection in Digital Videos: Part 2 (Advanced)



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