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Dear Readers,

until recently, quantum technology was associated with films about James Bond or Marvel productions in which people were reduced to getting into the quantum tunnels. But today quantum begins to be present permanently in the digital reality. So that you can be up to date, we have prepared a set of articles that touch on this topic. In the magazine, you will find information about what quantum technology is, what its risks are, and how it can be used to protect your organization! Our articles also provide you with practical tips on properly managing risk to ensure the best protection against cyber attacks.

But that is not all! The magazine also includes:

  • practical tutorials on how to use open-source tools (Autopsy, FTK Imager, ANDRILLER) for forensic analysis,
  • introduction to the issue of social media forensics and useful tools to analyze this matter (Osintgram, PeopleLooker, BeenVerified),
  • information on the challenges related to forensic analysis in the era of cloud solutions,
  • a text on the hidden costs of digital investigations - traumas of victims!

Immerse yourself in the compendium of knowledge and develop your cyber abilities today!

Check out our Table of Contents below for more information about each article (we included short leads for you). 

We hope that you enjoy reading this issue! As always, huge thanks to all the authors, reviewers, to our amazing proofreaders, and of course you, our readers, for staying with us! :)


Michalina Szpyrka

and the eForensics Magazine Editorial Team 

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Quantum  Security

by Longinus Timochenco

It is important to highlight that Information Security is everyone's responsibility. Security must be part of our digital education, respecting limits, preserving the credibility, integrity and availability of information! Security is not a product, but a continuous practice, and more and more, it needs to be in real time. If we follow these basic security principles not only limited to our companies, but also to our lives, you can be sure that we would all save a lot of money and time; it's the same thing as having freedom with security, that would be great, so re-educate their teams and their families.

The Next Frontier In Hacking

by Atlas Stark

Today’s cyber threat landscape and digital forensic front is dramatically different from let’s say the 1980s and even early 2000s, where hackers were launching attacks and exploiting targets with P3s over a 56K connection; by today’s standards, that may as well be the days of the dinosaur.  Technology indeed has come a long way in regard to personal computing devices and connection technologies, but we have so much more to discover and that is where the concept of quantum computing comes into focus.

Thought On What A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Is

by Luciano Quartarone

Cybersecurity risk assessment requires an organisation’s top management to deal with this issue as they do in contexts in which they are typically more familiar. They have to act in an informed, proportionate, meaningful, and effective manner. In general, objective risk assessment is something that humans do not do very well, especially for information security and cybersecurity risks. A company's management is generally more familiar with project risk, financial risk, occupational health risk, etc. Based on qualitative or quantitative assessments, various risk analysis methodologies are indiscriminately flawed in their communication to the most relevant stakeholder: top management. In addition to the economic levers, the latter is responsible for the final evaluation and approval of the risk treatment options that managers bring to their attention. Therefore, the top management always defines the organisation's risk appetite.

Vicarious Trauma: The Hidden Cost Of Digital Forensic Investigations

by Justin Tolman

Around 2015, I was working as a digital forensic investigator for the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. I was analyzing computers seized as evidence in criminal investigations, helping bring criminals to justice, exonerate the innocent, and help victims of crimes find answers and closure for what they had been through. There’s no two ways about it. The work was difficult. I wasn’t just exposed to images and evidence of crimes that no one wants to think about - images of abuse, violence, crimes against children - I had to examine and document them for use in investigations and prosecutions. 

When The Kali Dragon Pillages Your Village, Sharpen Your Tsurugi Sword And Go Hunting

by Byron Gorman

A Tsurugi (剣) is a legendary Japanese double-bladed sword used by ancient warriors, and should be used against Kali Dragons. Tsurugi provides all the tools to see what was damaged or if something is alive. There are two different distros to use, one is to use on a system through a live CD and the other is a lab version after you have acquired images, memory and artifacts. Tsurugi is the one stop forensic shop, so let’s get at it.

Forensic Challenges In The Cloud Computing Era

by Sergio Figueiredo

Instead of architecting, building, and managing a physical information technology (IT) infrastructure, organizations started to replace on-premises servers with remote and distributed compute, network and storage resources that are managed by third parties. Joining this fast-paced migration movement, cybercrime has not been left behind. Investigating incidents can, under such circumstances, require adaptation and this paper aims to discuss the challenges of performing digital forensics in the cloud computing era.

To Attack Android, You Mast Be A Digital Jedi - Forensic Recovery Using Andriller

by Byron Gorman

​​There are over 3 billion active Android devices in the wild now. Android holds its position as the leading mobile phone operating system, worldwide. Having an Android phone is very common nowadays. Forensic testing of an Android phone is very crucial for every digital forensics expert. When faced with the possibility of performing a digital forensic examination, there are ways to drill into the Android robot. Let’s look at ways to gain access to the Android device so we can recover some data.

An Introduction To Social Media Forensics

by Gergo Varga

People reveal an enormous amount about themselves on social media. Social media forensics is all about tapping into that huge collection of data. This guide looks at the kind of information that’s “out there” and discusses tools and techniques for accessing and manipulating it. They’re tools and techniques that can be used for many purposes, including criminal investigation, fraud prevention and – ironically – for actually committing crimes.

A Tutorial On Open-Source. Digital Forensics Toolkits: Basic to Advanced Functionalities

by Devarajan Ragavan and dr Pooneh Bagheri Zadeh

The procedure of extracting and detecting potential evidence in digital media using open-source digital forensics investigation toolkits is very important in the investigation cases for identifying the pertinent digital evidence and cross referencing the findings with commercial tools. Digital forensic software such as FTK Imager, Autopsy, Autopsy for Android (Mobile Forensics) and EnCase (for creating image of the digital media) are the identified tools for such a purpose. Every Open-source tool has its own potential, and it is important to highlight the cons and pros of the tool.  YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch are great resources to find learning materials on Open-source tools, however there are limited learning resources explaining details of basic, intermediate and advanced functionalities of the tools. 

Catch Me If You Can

by  Wilson Mendes

With this exponential growth in the digital universe, mobile devices and connections which includes valuable information and are becoming a huge repository of confidential data becoming more and more powerful as personal computers, started to be part of the routine of people all over the world, surpassing the world population and adding up to more than 8 billion devices. 


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