Mobile Phone Forensics Challenges

This feature article is all about how the fast growth of the number and variety of mobile phones demands new skills from the digital forensic examiner.  There are several common obstacles that lie before any mobile forensic expert.  There are more operating systems for smartphones than for desktop computers.  The....

September 21, 2017
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Johnny joshua
Johnny joshua
4 years ago

Nowadays, Mobile users increasing day by day and Cybercrime also. So it keeps some important instructions before installing any applications on your mobile. Digital Forensic is one of the develop Technology in the World and there are many tricks to find out the strongest evidence through Forensics Expert. Institute of Computer Forensics and Criminal Investigations to find out Digital Forensic Investigation Tools and work accordingly to catch frauds.

Arthur Morrison
4 years ago

I do like that you go over the two different kinds of data extraction when it comes to cell phone forensics. After all, there are many people who do not understand how this process even works in the first place. However, dividing it up into two main procedures can really help to break things down.

Syed Abdul Jabbar
9 years ago

Respected Sir,

I would like to seek Trick of protecting the Mobile Phone( 3 G or 4 G Sets) from being tampered by sending remote option of deletion or Corruption.
Would you please provide me a justified way of resolving the said issue of mobile phone data Protection.
S.A Jabbar

Lawrence Dinga
9 years ago

1. Use faraday bag/box
2. Turn off the phone and remove the battery
3. put the phone on airplane mode (not 100% effective)

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