How Cyber Threat Intelligence Can Be Utilized to Enhance SOC

September 5, 2023


Organizations in the digital age must contend with a constantly changing list of cyber threats that endangers their operations, sensitive data, and reputation. Security Operations Centers (SOCs) must continuously adapt and enhance their capabilities to stay one step ahead of adversaries. Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), which offers invaluable insights into new threats and adversary strategies, is one crucial weapon in this conflict and enables SOCs to proactively defend against cyber-attacks. This article explores the value of cyber threat intelligence, how it can be used to improve SOC capabilities, and the challenges and considerations a company should consider when it comes to cyber security.

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence?

The Cyber Threats Intelligence Cycle provides a way to visualize and evaluate a number of unique intrusion sensor inputs and open-source information to identify specific threat courses of action. It is a systematic, continuous process for analyzing potential threats to detect suspicious actions that might threaten the organization's systems, networks, information, employees, or customers. [1] 

Cyber threat intelligence defines what information about cyber threats becomes when it has been gathered, assessed considering its dependability and source, and analyzed using rigorous and systematic trade craft processes by persons with in-depth knowledge and access to all available data. As with all intelligence, cyber threat intelligence adds value to cyber threat information by helping the consumer discover threats and opportunities while lowering their level of uncertainty. To create reliable, timely, and pertinent intelligence, analysts must find similarities and disparities in huge amounts....


Chirath De Alwis, Umeshika De Seram, Jethendri Wathsala Perera, H.M.H Sanjeewa, Vidusha Shalani
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