File System Analysis with Binwalk | By Alex Ocheme Ogbole

File System Analysis with Binwalk Binwalk is a simple Linux tool used for analysis of binary image files. Analyzing binary image files may include; reverse engineering, extracting firmware images, file systems, embedded files or executable codes from the binary images. These binary images could be from firmware of routers, IOT devices....

September 3, 2019
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1 year ago


Very nice to see how you investigated everything here. I have a question which I really need an answer for it.

Lets assume we have decompressed an .img file using “binwalk” and now we made some changes into some files inside the decompressed directory and now we want to create an image from what we just changed. How to achieve this?

How to decompress, make changes and then compress back into .img file as it was before.

Thanks in advance.


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