Predictions for cyber security in 2016

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Dear readers,

We are approaching the end of the year, so it is time to think about the future and the year ahead. We are pleased to present you our very special project created by joint forces of eForensics and Hakin9 Magazines – “Predictions for cyber security in 2016”.

This special edition was based on interviews with representatives of companies that had agreed to participate in our project. We would like to give our most sincere thanks to all the participants of this project. You made this possible and without you we wouldn’t be able to make this unique edition.

Additional and very special thanks to the Proofreaders who helped with this issue. Your involvement and support of the creation of this magazine is invaluable.


Thank you for all the support,

eForensics and Hakin9 Teams

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Top 2015 events 

    • What were the most important things that happened this year?


    1. What will change in the talent pool?

    1. Will talent shortage in the industry continue to grow?

    1. What new challenges will recruiters have to face in 2016?

    1. What new challenges will people looking for work in cyber security have to face?


    1. What role will formal education play in 2016?

    1. Will certification keep its role as the main tool to confirm skill and expertise?

    1. Will we see a more unified standardization of education and skills?

    1. Will online courses influence the level of education in security field?


    1. What threats that emerged in 2015 will remain relevant in the next year?

    1. Which threat group will see the biggest growth in 2016?

    1. Can you see any old and forgotten threat coming back in the next year?

    1. Will threat landscape be affected by international efforts to combat terrorism?

    1. Will cyber security in healthcare remain a relevant topic?

    1. Will security in automotive industry keep on causing trouble?


    1. Which mobile phone will be the most secure one?

    1. What kind of vulnerabilities will affect mobile phones in 2016?

    1. What security measures we should use to protect our mobile phones in the next year?

    1. What risks will mobile industry face in 2016?

Internet of Things

    1. Will IoT force the industry to change?

    1. What kind of challenges will IoT face in the next year?

    1. How will IoT influence cyber community?

    1. Will we see the security for IoT emerging along new IoT solutions, or will we have to wait?

Tools of the trade

    1. How will tools evolve in 2016?

    1. Will the trend to eliminate passwords continue?

    1. What new technology will make an impact on cyber security the most?

    1. What new trends will we see on threat intelligence?

Areas of security

    1. What are your predictions for network security in 2016?

    1. What are your predictions for software security in 2016?

    1. What are your predictions for hardware security in 2016?

    1. What are your predictions for cloud security in 2016?


    1.  Will 2016 belong to start-ups or big cyber security corporations?

    1. Will cyber security events remain an important part of influencing the development of cyber community and companies?

    1. Will we see more state-level cooperation in 2016?

    1. In which industry will we observe the biggest demand for cyber security services?

    1. What do you think will change in the cyber security market in your country?

 Cyber security awareness

    1. Will the cyber community influence the level of cyber security awareness?

    1. How can we work towards improving cyber security awareness in 2016?

    1. What obstacle in awareness will remain unsolved?

    1. What role will awareness play in corporate cyber security?


    • Predictions for cybersecurity


    • What advice would you give to fellow cybersecurity professionals going into 2016?

 Contributing companies


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1452169107wpdm_Predictions for cyber security in 2016.pdf

July 30, 2021
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