Cyber Threat Intelligence 101

March 7, 2024

Daniele Ferreira

Cyber Threat Intelligence, or CTI, emerged with the creation of the first Military Intelligence departments in the mid-19th century. However, this concept is much older and is intrinsic to the evolution of humanity, demonstrated by numerous espionage cases during the period of globalization and territorial conflicts. During major wars, this need evolved, and to gain a military advantage, it was not enough to merely know but rather to know everything about the enemy.

The definition of intelligence is a subject that has been debated for years by academics who, apparently, have not reached a conclusion. Michael Warner cites in his paper "Wanted: A Definition of Intelligence" a definition that states, "Intelligence deals with all the things which should be known in advance of initiating a course of action."

But let's return to the fundamentals. When we talk about Cyber Threat Intelligence, we refer to a discipline within the field of cybersecurity that is based on the above-mentioned concept (prior knowledge) to proactively address threats to computer networks. CTI thus represents the convergence of two communities: intelligence and cybersecurity. CTI focuses on the collection and analysis of information from internal and external sources to gain a better understanding of vulnerabilities or potential threats to ensure the protection of assets according to their value to the company.

But what is a threat? We may define a threat as any circumstance or event with the potential to exploit vulnerabilities in environments, systems, and people, causing a negative impact on operations, assets,....


Daniele Ferreira
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