GPS Device Forensics as a Career Path?

February 22, 2024

Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking devices are everywhere these days. They help individuals navigate locations and enable services like ride-sharing and food delivery. However, GPS devices also store data that can be forensically examined. This field, known as GPS forensics, uses GPS data analysis methods to reconstruct events or timelines that may have legal implications. For tech-savvy students exploring career options, understanding GPS forensics could open up intriguing possibilities in the booming field of digital forensics. This article will introduce GPS device forensics and its potential benefits for enterprising students.

Overview of GPS Forensics

GPS forensics involves extracting raw GPS data from devices like smartphones, tablets, vehicle navigation systems, fitness trackers, and other equipment with location-based service features. The data provides critical insights through time-stamped latitude, longitude, altitude, and speed records that can map out routes and stops. 

Specially designed software like online school management software ( helps forensic analysts visualize patterns and anomalies in historical GPS data that recreates a device or person’s movements. 

Like other branches of digital forensics that recover and interpret artifacts stored on digital devices, GPS forensics aids investigations, incident response, counter-intelligence, search and rescue, compliance audits, and more. 

Law enforcement agencies like the FBI have dedicated GPS forensics teams, indicating the growing importance of this capability. The timelines and location insights uncovered through GPS forensics also assist in legal proceedings, intelligence gatherings, internal probes, and risk assessments across sectors.

Applications and Career Paths

GPS forensics....


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