FAQ for Betatesters

What do we require from our beta testers?
You need to be interested and have some experience in the digital forensics. Your sheer enthusiasm is as desirable as your knowledge.

Who do we look for?
The opinions of professionally active digital forensics specialists are invaluable to us. By reviewing the article, you help us make sure that the article is what our readers would like to read.  Additionally, you have a chance to read an article before it’s published and have a quick insight in the goings-on in the market.

How does the work look like?
You need to review the content of the article (beta testing is not proofreading – you don’t have to correct spelling, grammar etc. – this is what proofreaders do – though if you come across mistakes, feel free to correct them) and prepare feedback:

  • One for the editor (a few sentences on: Is the article interesting? Did you enjoy reading it? Is it informative? etc. We aim at creating non-commercial content and since we often accept articles from companies, we also have to know if the article is not too biased, or commercial).
  • One for the author (a short review of what should be done to improve the article; if you edit the original article, place your remarks within the text, but use a different font colour).

Any additional tasks?
Sometimes we might have some questions regarding the magazine (i.e. What do you think is the current “all-the-rage” topic among pen testers? Write a short intro to an article or help organize the contents of an issue etc.).

What’s the responsibility?
Since we don’t have any official agreements with beta testers, you can always decline to review an article or accept  it at your convenience. However, it’s always better to know if I we can count on you, so if you predict a tough time at work/university, a holiday etc. just tell us about it so we would know who is available at the moment.

What are the deadlines?
The deadlines depend on the time an author submits an article. Usually you have a few days to review an article, but sometimes, in the case of emergency,  we need it in the course of one day.

My thoughts on the subject brought up in the article?
We appreciate beta testers’ comments to the article  (or, more specifically, the subject it covers) they’ve reviewed – we might use these comments with the article in the magazine. Refer to “comments” on this website for more details.

What are the benefits?
Beta tester helping with particular issue are always listed in editorial footer. Apart from this and the benefits mentioned above, the active and most helpful beta testers will be rewarded with a free subscription of our magazine.