What is a Sock Puppet Account And Why Do We Need One?

March 9, 2023

When it comes to OSINT investigations, surveillance, and other searches, the use of a sock puppet account(s) is a critical part of protecting yourself and not arousing suspicion.

So what is a sock puppet anyway?

A sock puppet can also be referred to as a burner account.

Though “sock puppet” is more widely referenced. This is a type of account that we create that isn't associated with us. Typically, we would build a sock puppet using a different email address, name, location, and password, and in some cases, we would use a profile picture that is not ours. The complexity of our particular sock puppet would depend on our unique needs.

For example, if we were investigating a malicious hacking forum that is located in BC, we wouldn’t want to use our email account to register an account there, especially if we were located in California. Not employing a sock puppet would 1. show that we do not live in another country and 2. allow a would-be attacker to easily identify us.

However, if we created a sock puppet account with a unique name and email password, generated a fake background for this user, and used a VPN to place us in BC, then we would be able to blend in much more efficiently and help protect our identity.

To make a believable sock puppet account, we can also employ services such as a Data Fake Generator (https://datafakegenerator.com/generador.php), This Person Does Not Exist (https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/), and 20-minute Mail (https://www.20minutemail.com/) to help speed up the process and add an extra layer of credibility to our accounts.

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