The Main Benefits of Using New macOS Catalina for Data Privacy | By James Dorian

The Main Benefits of Using New macOS Catalina for Data Privacy

Now is the right time to switch to macOS Catalina, which is officially released in September 2019. The most crucial updates include TV, podcasts, and music. You will also see iPad apps functioning perfectly, and Screen Time will also be working flawlessly. 

According to the list of new features in macOS Catalina, it’s going to be a real hit for all Mac users. Of course, before switching you need to do a small research and read about the main problems users face and ways to fix macOS Catalina problems while improving work productivity. There are some milestones you can attain by understanding the right ways to fix macOS Catalina problems. 

With all the new features macOS Catalina has to present, the future of data privacy looks promising. The big question is “What are the benefits of using new OS Catalina for data privacy?”. This post will share some of the major benefits of the macOS Catalina.      

The Benefits of MacOS Catalina for Data Privacy

The most welcome change with new macOS Catalina is its improved data privacy features. If you switch to macOS Catalina, you will enjoy various features that ensure your device is protected against tampering. Apple made sure the apps are safe and provide you with better control when accessing your data. 

Here are the detailed benefits of using macOS Catalina for data privacy: 

Data control

Any app on a mobile phone trying to use the camera has to get your permission. This prevents app developers from spying on you. Similar permissions will be required on macOS Catalina. 

Apps will no longer access the screen on your device without getting your permission. This keeps app developers from recording your typing or your screen. Even if you set a permit for any app, you have the option of reversing it should you change your mind. 

For apps attempting to access sensitive data and file storage, macOS Catalina will also ask for your permission. Therefore, macOS Catalina will get prompts in case an app attempts to open a file kept in the Documents folder or other media folders, iCloud Drive, external drives, or the desktop. 

New Gatekeeper system

Apple is known for its strict data privacy policies, and this hasn’t changed because Catalina OS has the Gatekeeper. That is one of the main security features that helps with scanning all apps for all aspects of security before actually running them. 

The Gatekeeper on macOS Catalina is set to checking your device for malware and making sure your Mac is safe. Apple is also providing notarization mandatory for app developers with OS Catalina. This notarization process will be checking software for any malware, and you will get a yellow warning alert if you run a non-notarized software. 

The Dedicated System Volume 

The file system software manages how data is read from and written to systems that store them. This is part of every operating system, and macOS Catalina has a new feature designed to prevent malware from taking place in your file system. 

Going through Apple’s website, there is a notification about how new macOS Catalina offers many data privacy features such as Dedicated System Volume designed to improve data privacy. 

Catalina stores files in a separate read-only volume, ensuring that spying incidences don’t take advantage of the file system. The best thing about this feature is that you will get two volumes of the startup drive. 

One of them is intended to keep installed apps, documents, photos, user data, videos, and the other elements apart from the operating system. On the other hand, the read-only volume is there for the operating system. This makes it impossible for malware or any other app from overwriting or changing Catalina’s main software.      

The macOS Catalina Activation Lock 

There is nothing as important as knowing that your data is safe. With this in mind, you have to make sure that there is no unauthorized access to your computer. 

People can steal your computer and see everything that you have stored in there. MacOS Catalina comes with an Activation Lock to help you deactivate or completely remove the Mac that was either lost or stolen. The good news is that you can reactivate it using the same future if you happen to get it back.  

Apple has installed an app called Find My Mac to help you to locate your device. This is a super cool feature when it comes to your Mac getting stolen or lost. 

If your device is offline or asleep, Find My Mac will be able to use crowd-sounded location data to detect its Bluetooth signal and give you information about its location. This feature will deter thieves when they learn that they can’t use your device or install another Catalina OS software copy.     


Data privacy has become more important than ever considering that our modern world is technology-related. This is the reason why switching to macOS Catalina is the best option not only to secure your computer and data but also because it has super cool new privacy features. So, if data security is the most important feature for you as a Mac user, then updating to macOS Catalina will be your perfect choice.  

September 9, 2019
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