The 4th Belkasoft online conference will bring together digital forensics experts

On May 13-14, Belkasoft will gather industry leaders at the BelkaDay conference to share knowledge, experience, and deepen expertise in Digital Forensics and Cyber Incident Response.

The conference will cover challenging and interesting topics related to the industry. Attendees will not only gain new insights into their professional field but also have excellent networking opportunities. 

The event will feature presentations by both Belkasoft DFIR specialists and industry-known digital forensic stars who will talk about the latest innovations and trends in the field of digital investigations. 

Among the speakers of the conference are:

  • Yuri Gubanov, Belkasoft CEO, who will present on “How Belkasoft Responds to Modern Challenges in Digital Forensics”;
  • Alex Brignoni, Special Agent of a Federal Law Enforcement agency, who will talk about in-depth scrutiny of SEGB files for the pattern of life data;
  • Brett Shavers, a digital forensics consultant, and writer, who will explain why and how to develop and improve your DFIR Investigative Mindset;
  • Richard Boddington, an educator, mentor, writer, and expert in digital forensics, who will talk about the need for interlocution in preparing digital evidence for a legal process;
  • Brian Hempstead, Digital Forensics expert for the Gainesville Police Department Criminal Investigative Division, who will present on "Trust but Verify: Tool Verification and Validation".

and many more experts.

Previous Belkasoft online conferences gathered hundreds of digital forensic experts from government and corporate sectors.

To register for the event, please refer to the link.

May 11, 2024
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