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Is the Internet of Things a scary proposition for organizations? Expert discussion on cybersecurity - IBM’s Cyber Beat Live!

Can we drive the innovation and possibilities of the Internet of Things while maintaining security? How can we minimize cybersecurity …

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Stay informed. This is your biggest weapon - Interview with Raj Samani, CTO of intel Security

Hi Folks, Today we would like to serve you our interview with Raj Samani, CTO of Intel Security. We have …

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Drones and the Internet of Things in the cybersecurity equation – IBM Cyber Beat Live

 Technological advancement is unleashing an age of extensive innovation that is chock full of unmanned aerial vehicles known as drones, …

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InfoSec personnel should have a broad understanding of general InfoSec principles and disciplines - Interview with Ken Baylor, CEO of Stealth Worker

Dear Readers, today we would like to introduce you Ken Baylor, CEO of  Stealth Worker. This online service helps businesses …

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Active Defense for the Internet of Things by Benjamin Wright

Source of picture: bayforce Summary: Attackers will hack the Internet of Things. Then defenders will invoke "active defense." To support unexpected …

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