Security Onion Deployment Scenarios [FREE COURSE VIDEO]

In this video from our new Network Monitoring with Security Onion online course we are going to see the various options for Security Onion Deployment Scenarios. For anyone wanting to get into SO this is a great place to start! 

Do you have a requirement to identify the right framework and tool to monitor your own network? If so, this course is for you! This online course discusses Security Onion, a free and open source platform for network security monitoring, log management and threat hunting. Through a series of videos, this course will introduce network security monitoring platforms and deploy them through a hassle-free environment. 

This course covers the tool and processes required to integrate network evidence sources into investigations, with a focus on open source, efficiency and effectiveness.

Why NOW? 

  • Increasing demand for sophisticated cybersecurity tools to detect and investigate cyberattacks and financial frauds is expected to drive the market growth.
  • The network forensics market was valued at USD 2.01 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 4.62 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 14.9% over the forecast period 2020 - 2025.

Who is this course for? 

  • Cybersecurity professionals
  • Network security analysts
  • SOC analysts
  • Systems administrators
  • Legal professionals
  • IT managers

What skills will you gain? 

  • Network security monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Threat hunting
  • Network forensics analysis

You will be able to perform network security monitoring in a production environment, and how to deploy your own Security Onion environment. 

Here's a summary of Module 1: 

Security Onion will provide visibility into network traffic and context around alerts and anomalous events, but it requires a commitment from the network administrator to review alerts, monitor the network activity, and most importantly, have a willingness, passion and desire to learn. This module focuses on core components, high-level architecture, and layers of Security Onion.

  • Introduction to Security Onion
  • SO 2.x Architecture
  • Security Onion Deployment Scenarios
  • Hardware and Software Requirements

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October 21, 2020
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