Keep Your Mobile App Data Secure From Cyber Threats: Effective Ways | By Ashish Goyal

Keep Your Mobile App Data Secure From Cyber Threats: Effective Ways

Cyber crime and threat have been around for almost as long as the internet itself but with the advent of technology and an ever increasing number of mobile users, the threat to mobile app data has also multiplied. It is true that the versatility of mobile applications has uncomplicated several spheres of our life but the threat of cyber crime also dangles like a dagger overhead and remains one of the constant fears of the mobile app users.

Apps are now being increasingly used for a number of purposes on phones such as shopping or even banking which also means mobile app data is more prone to cyber threat than anything else. It becomes quite easy for the cyber criminals to hack into information such as credit card details, important passwords, emails or contact lists that can get them huge profits from innocent and unaware victims who are actually the mobile app users.

It is for this reason that from app developers and owners to app users, everyone is making all the possible efforts to secure mobile app data against any kind of cyber threats. When app developers work towards the security of their app, they do not just provide ease and security to their users but also win their trust. On the other hand, when app users take all precautions for the security of their app, they choose a safe and secure experience online over the one that is unpredictable, uncertain and insecure. 

Here are a few ways (for not just the app owners and developers but also the app users) to secure mobile app data against any kind of cyber threat or crime.

Effective ways to secure mobile app data from cyber threats

  • Designing the app right

One of the groundwork of keeping cyber threats at bay is to design the app with the security model right from the initial developmental stages. A great way to have a foolproof app design is to have a special team that tries to test the security of mobile app in different ways just as a hacker would do. It is important to think of the different ways in which the security of the app can get compromised or the different vulnerabilities to which it is open and then work accordingly on its design.

  • Have user authentication and authorization in place

Having a strong user authentication or authorization during the login process adds an extra level of security to the app. Making use of 2FA (factor authentication) or MFA (multi factor authentication) can help take care of who is accessing the app, all the different aspects of user identity and privacy and also the security features of the device. There are also different technologies that can be used for the purpose.

  • Work on the operating system itself

One more great way of securing the mobile app data is by working on the OS and hardening it further. There are a number of ways to do as Apple have done much for improving security levels in IOS. Any software such as IOS, Android, .NET or Java that is outside the control of app owner must have a reliable source code. The different approaches and techniques used by the app owner will make it difficult for the hackers to access any kind of sensitive data. Updated operating systems, MDM and the right device is a combination that is bound to get top class security for the mobile apps.

  • Secure the APIs

APIs play an important role in the mobile development so securing the APIs is more like securing the mobile applications itself. API is an important tool when it comes to securing the data, whether in transit or at rest. It is responsible for the flow of data between the different applications, users and cloud. All of these different sources need to be verified as well as authorized to access the data. It is important that each API has app-level authentication.

  • App wrapping

Another great way of securing the mobile apps is by using the method of App wrapping. It is a method that is used to section an app in a secure environment by capturing it away from the rest of the device. With the help of a few parameters, the apps can be easily sectioned without any requirement of coding.

  • Test the app software for security

During the process of its development, just as an app is tested for its functionality and usability, they should also be strictly tested for security. This will help to check the vulnerabilities in an app (if any) and then correct them before they are published out finally. The apps should not just be tested for any data security issues but also for authentication and authorization. 

  • The users of the app should do their bit

While the developers of the app do as much as they can to protect their apps against any kind of threat, the users of the app also need to do their bit to maintain the security. As it is, there is little that can be done by an app developer when the app is actually been downloaded by the user. Some things that users must take care of are—they must download apps only from authorized app stores since they are trustworthy; also, they must not use a device that is rooted or jail-broken since they are highly vulnerable to security issues and identity threats. It has been noticed that the modern app users are quite cautious about the safety and security of the app that they use. This definitely makes it difficult for the hackers to take any advantage of the sensitive data.

With the new technologies finding a way every day, it gets really challenging to keep mobile app data safe against any kind of cyber threat but it is important to stay at the top of the game, not just for app owners and developers but also the app users. The app owners must strive for a safe and secure environment for their users and research well before they choose a platform for their app. Just on the other hand, the app users must stay cautious, aware and educated!

About the Author:

Ashish Goyal is a digital marketing specialist at Xtreem Solution, a leading Magento web development and mobile app development company and having highly skilled app developers for hire. Ashish understands startups, enterprises, and their needs well. Apart from that, he is an expert in lead generation and inbound marketing. He has also handled the marketing and growing operations. He loves to help businesses in improving their online brand visibility and sales. You can join Ashish via LinkedIn.

July 15, 2019
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