How Face Recognition Could Reduce Organized Crime | By Kevin Martez

How Face Recognition Could Reduce Organized Crime

Organized crime includes all criminal activities that are planned and executed by strong, influential groups on a large scale. The reason why such activities are difficult to trace is due to the investment planning and plotting involved in such crimes. Criminals often adopt manipulative techniques like using fake or synthetic identities to execute their criminal activities. Therefore, authorities need to adopt advanced technologies like face recognition to eliminate such crimes because the criminals have devised foolproof techniques to manipulate the human eye. 

Organized crime includes crimes like money laundering, terrorist financing, human trafficking, drug trafficking, etc., and face recognition technology could reduce these crimes swiftly and securely. 

Money Laundering

Money laundering is one of the major concerns of global financial regulatory authorities these days. More stringent regulations are coming into force, making AML compliance inevitable for the businesses. Businesses are required to screen their customers against the watchlists, sanction lists, PEP lists, etc., and it is quite difficult if the business has a global clientele pooling in from every corner of the world. 

In order to address this problem, most of the businesses are using outsourced AML screening solutions that screen the documents and personal information of an individual against criminal records to find if he was ever involved in money laundering or any such crime. Also, such solutions use face verification technology and match the image on the document with the real-time selfie of the person. Such AI-based solutions offer high accuracy in their solutions and deliver quick verification results all due to automatic verification. 

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a widespread crime; it involves several people and affects numerous people around the globe. Airports and water travel are mostly used to traffick people across the borders. The regulatory authorities are always alert and keen to reduce these crimes, and heightened security is a part of these efforts. 

Criminals use stolen or fake identities to traffick people from one country to another, and the reason why such criminals got past the security checks was a manual process that the airports relied on for checking passports and other identity documents. Due to this, the airports planned to use technology and they started to scan the codes on the passports to identify the fake passports among the original ones. At times the criminals use the stolen identity documents to execute the crime so, face recognition served the purpose of strong security check. 

Nowadays, many airports are using face recognition along with document verification to identify if the person is actually what he claims to be. The airports are using face recognition solutions and match the face of a passenger in real-time with the face on the passport. Also, the passport is verified, which further eliminates the chances of fraud. 

To wrap up, face recognition technology is a revolutionary technology that aids businesses, organizations, institutions, regulatory authorities, etc., to practice efficient fraud prevention. The easy integration of these services in security systems and fraud prevention solutions has increased its fame among the developers and security agencies. So far, this technology has pleased the crime prevention and fraud detection agencies, and it is expected that it will gain more fame in the future. 

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November 5, 2019
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