How do you keep your firm’s information safe and secured? | By Greg Robinson

How do you keep your firm’s information safe and secured?

Infosec, or information security, is the subtle art of attacking a problem without the presence of detection. It is, in some ways, fighting fire with fire. In fact, infosec is the only line of defense available to us against the endless hordes of horrid hackers with nefarious plots.

Regardless of who does it, it is imperative that parameters are set in order to respond to threats appropriately. This article will attempt to explain what you need to know about infosec in order to ensure the safety of your business and the sensitive data therein.

In the last few years, we have heard of tremendous hacks of unthinkable scale pilfering vast quantities of sensitive data for selling or personal bragging. Regardless of the reason, it is a contemptible thing to do to innocent lives who don’t know any better.

The growing risks

However, it is the breaches of our most trusted institutions, such as Target and Sony, that cause us all great alarm. It was in these moments that we saw the true fragility of our devices, that our reliance may have betrayed us in favor of twisted characters with little to do of any merit. These individuals, who seek only to harm and not help, are who we are really fighting in infosec.

What is it exactly? In reality, it is a set of practices and principles that can protect you and your data from absolute destruction. While it may not prevent breaches altogether, it can severely limit the number of breaches and the lethality of each breach. It can be used as both a preventative measure and an active response.

Mitigating risks

This is the true game of infosec. You must, with every wit available, devise a plan that can mitigate damage and fill in any security holes on your system or network. It can be simply setting up encryption standards for your files and file systems so that they are unreadable to intruders and sometimes undetectable altogether.

It can also mean the practical implementation of VPNs with strict permissions and custom gateways that check the veracity of each network request to ensure that your data is kept out of the wrong hands.

Truly, both strategies should be pursued to their fullest extents as the totality of bolstering strategies would all but deter most hackers from even attempting to access your files system, let alone your private data.

However, it is an active process filled with an innumerable amount of tasks that must be carried out by each individual user of a local intranet or internet access point. This can be further complicated through the use of distributed, global networks like Blockchain.

Passwords must be set with the right context and qualifications to ensure that it is not easily brute forced. Each user must fall under heavy user restrictions applied by an IT manager or shockingly spry business owner.

Ultimately, infosec is about education and a desire to keep your data safe for the sake of yourself and your business. First, you must dispel of any ideation regarding the temporary nature of hackers or the chances of targeting. If you are online then you are a target to somebody somewhere and you may never know when it happens.


Almost all businesses are targeted in hacking schemes and less than half of them are adequately prepared to deal with an invasion or prevent one in the first place. Most hacks aren’t noticed until 200 days after the cyber attack so the effects are even more disastrous. Preventing, identifying, and countering cyber attacks is crucial for every business, organization, and individual.

That is why infosec truly comes down to you. The tools and information are out there to deal with problems like these at any scale.

Infosec is a continuous fight against an invisible monster, however, with valiance and diligence, the day can still be won. It is up to all of us to be proactive and help in the effort to destroy hackers and foil their terrible plots.


Greg Robinson is a tech entrepreneur with interest in emerging technologies particularly VR/AR, 3D technologies as well as how artificial intelligence will impact the future of work. You may connect with him on Twitter

May 6, 2019

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