Cybersecurity: “The First Step Is to Know Where You Stand” - Interview with Doug Clare, VP for cyber security solutions at FICO

October 20, 2016

Today we would like to invite you to read our interview with Doug Clare, VP for cyber security solutions at FICO. We talked about cybersecurity, the human factor, data research, measuring risk, and much more - take a read! 

doug-clare-new[eForensics Magazine]: Hello Doug, thank you for talking with us! Could you introduce yourself briefly to our readers and tell us what does FICO do?

[Doug Clare]: I’m Doug Clare, VP for cyber security solutions at FICO. FICO is best known for the FICO Score – the standard measure for consumer credit risk used by the vast majority of lenders in the US. What most people don’t know is that FICO also provides a long list of analytics and decision management solutions that empower business to make better decisions across a number of different disciplines. Our software and algorithms help banks, retailers, insurance companies, telecoms, and other businesses manage risk, prevent fraud, and make better, more informed decisions that help to improve performance and customer service. Over the last couple of years, FICO has also had the opportunity to leverage our analytic methods in the field of cyber security with offerings in both cyber threat detection and enterprise security scoring.

[eFM]: Out....

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