Course Curriculum

(W00) Course Instructions 00:00:00
Collecting volatile and non-volatile information
(W14M01) Collecting Volatile and Non-Volatile Information 00:00:00
Windows memory analysis and Windows Registry analysis
(W14M02) Windows Memory Analysis and Windows Registry Analysis 00:00:00
Cache, cookie, history analysis and MD5 calculation
(W14M03) Cache, Cookie, History Analysis and MD5 Calculation 00:00:00
Windows file analysis and metadata investigation
(W14M04) Text based logs , Audit events and forensics of Event logs 00:00:00
Text based logs, audit events and forensics of event logs
(W14M05) Module V - Tutorial I 00:00:00
(W14M06) Module V Tutorial II & Tutorial III 00:00:00
(W14M07) Module V - Exercise I 00:00:00
(W14M08) Module V - Exercise II (Case Study) 00:00:00
Windows Password Issues and Forensics Tools
(W14M10) Module VI - Tutorial I 00:00:00
(W14M11) Module VI - Tutorial II 00:00:00
(W14M12) Module VI - Tutorial III 00:00:00
(W14M13) Module VI - Exercise I 00:00:00
(W14M15) Module VI - Exercise II 00:00:00
(W14M16) Workshop eBook Download 00:00:00
Final Test
(W14Q1) Windows Forensic Analysis - Final Test 01:15:00
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