Course Curriculum

Module 0
(W63M00) Course Introduction Video 00:00:00
Module 1
(W63M01) Digital Forensic Foundations 00:00:00
Module 2
(W63M02) Incident Response Foundation 00:00:00
(W63M02) AWS CloudWatch Theory 00:00:00
(W63M02) Lambda Function 00:00:00
(W63M02) CloudFormation 00:00:00
(W63M02) AWS CloudTrail 00:00:00
(W63M02) AWS Config Conformance Pack 00:00:00
Module 3
(W63M03) SIFT Workstation Setup Using Community AMI 00:00:00
(W63M03) Convert the SIFT Workstation ova File to an AMI 00:00:00
(W63M03) Memory Acquisition 00:00:00
(W63M03) Disk Acquisition Final 00:00:00
(W63M03) Prowler for Checking the Compliance Status of an AWS Account 00:00:00
Module 4
(W63M04) AD BruteForce Attack 00:00:00
(W63M04) Ransomware Protection Steps 00:00:00
Module 5
(W63M05) Automate the Forensic Workstation Using Cloudformation Template 00:00:00
(W63M05) EC2 Automation IR Scenario with Threat Simulation 00:00:00
(W63M05) AWS Backup 00:00:00
(W63Q01) FINAL EXAM 00:50:00
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